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1971 Costa Rica UFO photograph
UFOs are treated like the Chesterfield sofa in Douglas Adams' book The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. After these inexplicable facts in the sky disappear, we have "one mystery less," perhaps make a note in the record book, then pretend nothing that affects our lives happened. We surround this errant data with an SEP (Someone Else's Problem) field and get on with the everydayness of our lives. Why not? Should we stop everything until UFOs are identified?
A scientific explanation of these unexplained facts in the sky is needed. We need to stop looking for an extraterrestrial origin. They come from beneath the oceans.

"On September 4, 1971 an Ariel mapping mission was being conducted by the Costa Rican government. While flying over a location known as Lago de Cote, they captured an unknown image." This disc [pictured above] is estimated to have a "maximum dimension of 683 feet". Click HERE for website. 

UFOs exist. Too much evidence has amassed to deny the existence of objects that are technologically impossible for any known civilization. UFOs move and turn too fast. Many vetted videos of this motion exist. Countless pilots and people on the ground are on record as having seen objects that defy gravity and accelerate to thousands of miles per hour in an instant. In December 2017, the DoD released a video taken by two Navy pilots. This confirmed sighting should cause a radical rethinking of our understanding of our place in nature and all human history. In this video, the Navy pilots describe not one, but a fleet of UFOs. Click HERE for video. Click HERE for a New York Times interview with one of the pilots. Other fleets of UFOs seen near Catalina Island indicate the presence of a city or base under the ground under the ocean in the area. In 2013 a group of Boy Scouts saw 200 UFO/USOs near the island. Click HERE for interview regarding 2013 mass sighting. Click HERE for a film taken on 15 April 1966 of another UFO over Catalina Island.

The Santa Catalina trench, the Puerto Rico trench, and the Marianas trench are some of the deepest places in the world's oceans and places UFO/USOs are seen. Atlanteans chose the deepest parts of the oceans to build cities carved out of the earth's crust under the ground under the ocean with entrances to their cities found in the walls of these trenches.

UFO/USOs are of intraterrestrial origin. They are made by people who have been living here on earth beneath the oceans. Atlanteans have been living with surface humans all along. Our awareness of them keeps increasing. We surface humans have only recently exploded in population in places like Los Angeles, California--which is located near the Catalina trench.  We surface humans are only recently exchanging information in a way that raises awareness of the UFO/USO phenomenon. As surface human "knowing-with-ness", as our consciousness, increases due to tools like the internet, so too our power to deal with our Atlantean planetmates increases. This increase in surface human power may concern The Watchers.

They monitor us. Huge triangular craft have passed over populated areas for a reason. Perhaps they are determining if the surface of their planet can sustain much more damage.

Working against the effort to increase global awareness of these unexplained phenomenon are the authorities who hide or destroy evidence of UFOs. Why do they do this? Same reason as always--to maintain their power. Throughout human history, up to this day, authorities suppress talk of anything that undermines the paradigm upon which their authority is based. Survival instincts cause them to lie. Neither Galileo's nor John T. Scopes' teachings of radical new truths were well accepted. Authorities maintain power by maintaining paradigms after both have outlived their usefulness.

Authorities should know that truth can always be trusted. Religious sensibilities should not prevent the truth from being known. "The scientific spirit requires us to be at all times ready to dump our whole cartload of beliefs, the moment experience is against them." - C.S. Peirce (CP 1.55) Unfortunately, those in power think like Bishop Samuel Wilberforce's wife who said, upon learning of Darwin's theory: 'Let us hope it is not true, but if it is, let us hope it does not become widely known." 

"Faith requires us to be materialists without flinching." C.S. Peirce (CP 1.354)

I can hear those in the Pentagon saying exactly the same thing Mrs. Wilberforce did. The military minded would see the danger inherent in revolutions. This scientific revolution may also entail real physical danger. We surface humans are at the mercy of those who have had 11,000 years of research and development time ahead of us. We are far more technologically inferior relative to the Atlanteans than the Native Americans were to the Europeans. Perhaps Atlanteans will feel the need to enact a "Surface Human Removal Act" as we Americans felt the need for our "Indian Removal Act of 1830." Where would our trail of tears end? Perhaps the authorities are keeping us safe by keeping us ignorant. In science as law, judgement is impossible before discovery. We need to know what those in the Pentagon know before we can really understand their decisions. "Criticizing a ship's captain is easy from the comfort of a safe port." - Soren Kierkegaard

The theory presented here is that both UFO/USOs and the little grey creatures that operate them are manufactured by the civilization of human beings that survived the destruction of Atlantis. This truth has likely been known by authorities since 1952. Or, Atlanteans have lied about their origins. What is the working theory in the Pentagon? Is the working theory our civil defense depends upon itself dependent upon a lie?

Disclosure is now the best option. Lying undermines authority. The authority to govern never survives if it is based upon a lie. Atlanteans are seen by thousands of people every year. Over 2 billion people carry smart phones with their high quality video camera, ready to upload more evidence to YouTube daily. Vetted military evidence is being trickled out. We need to have this discussion open and in the public with all evidence available to everyone.

The Atlantis hypothesis is the simplest explanation of unexplained aerial phenomenon. Travel through interstellar space, dimensions, and time are conjecture. The evolution of intelligent life on earth is not. Occam's razor cuts away other explanations and leaves the Atlantis hypothesis. Acceptance of the Atlantis hypothesis will cause a radical rethinking of belief systems across the globe.

Atlanteans utilize forms of energy unknown to us. Should these Atlantean energy sources become available to surface humans, this would fundamentally alter the geopolitical/economic landscape, further undermining the authority of many whose power depends upon fossil fuels.

Click HERE to view the documentary "I Know What I Saw''. It includes interviews with COL Charles Halt of the US Air Force discussing the Bentwaters incident. On December 26, 1980 a small craft landed and was actually touched by SSGT James Penniston, a member of the US Air Force security. It had symbols like hieroglyphics. These symbols on the craft look human because they are on a craft made by Atlanteans.

Click HERE to watch "Out of the Blue". This documentary includes interviews with the security team that approached the Bentwaters UFO. SSGT James Penniston drew the pictures of the symbols on the craft shown below as he was looking at them. The pictures of the craft itself he drew later. 

 SSGT James Penniston drew these images of the symbols on a landed UFO. He was close enough to it to touch the craft.  Click HERE for an interview with SSGT Penniston. Click HERE for short video. Click HERE for "Rendlesham Forest UFO sighting 'new evidence' claim" SSGT Penniston's drawings. Click HERE for a video of a Congressional inquiry into this serious nuclear incident at one of the largest nuclear stockpiles in Europe, RAF Base Bentwaters, in 1980. Click HERE for a CNN Special Report with interviews with service members present.

Phoenix Lights were seen by thousands of people, including the governor. Click HERE for Phoenix Lights movie. Click HERE for a short 2008 video. Click HERE for 20th anniversary video.  Click HERE for actor/pilot Kurt Russell speaking of his of this that night while landing his plane. Click HERE for video of witness interviews; it argues here may have been more than one object as video HERE. Click HERE for The Phoenix Lights Revisited (2018).
  Military tracking of UFO near Puerto Rico, click HERE. Countless military encounters with UFOs have been recorded around the globe for decades. Click HERE for UFO sighting in Puerto Rico

[Near Puerto Rico trench].

 These pictures show little grey abductors on a mission. Click HERE to view video of the above image.
 In July, 1952, UFOs visited Washington, DC.  Like countless confirmed sightings, these facts in the sky have no explanation to this day. Click HERE for video. Click HERE for a longer video detailing radar hits. Click HERE for The Battle of Los Angeles.

 Image result for navy ufo video
 This UFO incident occurred at O'Hare Airport on 7 November 2006.
Click HERE for a cell phone video taken that day. Click HERE for a second video concerning this well documented UFO event. Click HERE for a more recent and comprehensive video.
"Former Navy pilot David Fravor, who caught the video of an unidentified flying object off the coast of San Diego in 2004, spoke with CNN's Jim Sciutto about the encounter.
Source: CNN"

Click HERE for video  of CNN interview  with pilot.

 This video was taken near the Catalina trench.


This picture was taken in Victoria, Australia. The UFO phenomenon is global and has been occurring throughout history.
 Victoria, Australia. This was recorded on 1st January 2017. 
Click HERE for video of above picture.
 On 25 February 1942 there was a possible battle with a UFO over LA. Click HERE for short video. Click HERE for video "UFOs Declassified Episode 1 - Red Alert" Click HERE for The Battle of Los Angeles.


Image result for japanese ufo rendlesham comparison
The Rendlesham Forest Incident and c1800 Japanese UFO.
"A well recorded and little known event in the Western world would be the events of the Utsuro Bune. This is a myth dating from circa 1800 Japan." The symbols on the Rendlesham forest and Japanese craft have similar symbols though they are quite separate in time and space.

Click HERE for "Utsuro Bune Ancient Japanese UFO sighting?" Video covering the "mysterious 200 year old hand drawn Japanese accounts of a strange women from a metal bowl/disk shaped craft that flew out of the sea during the Edo period of Japan."

"Large metallic object with fluid oil slick body spurting sparks from the rear flies dirctly over our truck on HWY 1 in Wadley GA.

On 28 June, 2015, at about 5pm my family and I departed from Richmond Hill, GA, on our long road trip to Colorado Springs, CO, where I will be stationed as an active duty Army senior NCO."
[Click HERE]

Notice the triangle which is similar to two other UFO sightings above. Three very similar symbols indicates the possibility of a common civilization creating these craft that were seen hundreds of years and thousands of miles apart.

Dan Aykroyd has long believed in alien visitations. But, like the Ufologist Stanton Friedman, he believes we are being visited from outer space or other dimensions. Click HERE to see a documentary with Mr. Aykroyd.

To this writer, Occam's razor eliminates UFO theories that require travel through interstellar space, time, and dimensions. The Atlantis hypothesis, although it is radical, does not multiply explanatory entities unnecessarily.  (K.I.S.S. - Keep it simple scientist.)


This writer suggested the Atlantis hypothesis to Stanton Friedman in an email on 5 January 2017. He rejects the hypothesis on a number of grounds. In response to my email, he wrote, in part "One can also not neglect colonization and migration. If anybody here could build things that fly and act like the alien craft that are being observed they would have used them in warfare, therefore they come from somewhere else. They might very well be mining our resources, quarantining us, catching and releasing us for class projects the list is long Intelligent life can get rid of the competition." (quoted with permission) Click for his website StantonFriedman.com

Click HERE for Stanton Friedman's full length documentary:
Flying Saucers Are Real 1 - FEATURE FILM
Click HERE for Stanton Friedman's full length documentary: Flying Saucers Are Real 2 - FEATURE FILM

While those who create UFO/USOs could possibly choose to use them in warfare, it is impossible to know their motivations. Assuming the operators of these craft are as warlike as we are may not be accurate.

Atlanteans have their own motivations. It is evident they choose not to involve themselves with surface humans.


Click HERE for an Australian documentary which begins with the disappearance of the young Australian pilot pictured here.


Two hundred people witnessed a UFO near a school, a sighting which lasted 20 minutes from 11am on April 6, 1966.
Click HERE for documentary.


Click HERE for: "The First UFO Documentary Ever Made"         

Click HERE for a documentary that claims to be the "most shocking." As UFO encounters increase, documentaries multiply.


Click HERE for a British documentary on UFO sightings. British WWII pilots refer to UFOs as "foo fighhters".

Click HERE for a National Geographic documentary.

Click HERE for a "creepy" UFO documentary that includes an interview with Stanton Friedman.

Click HERE for a video that concentrates on government cover up of UFO existence.

Click HERE for "Case #3-The Hudson Valley UFO case". Like Phoenix Lights, a flying city was seen by thousands of people.

Click HERE for an interview with Don Phillips, retired U.S.A.F./C.I.A. aviation expert, discussing a 1967 UFO sighting near Area 51 by he and many others which was also documented on radar.

Click HERE for "UFOs 1973 Aliens, Abductions And Extraordinary Sightings - Massive UFO Flap of the 70's Free Movie". The year was 1973. It was a tumultuous year filled with news of Watergate, the Vietnam War and many other historical events. UFO sightings were on the increase culminating in abductions.  Director/Writer: J. Michael Long

Click HERE for a 3 part series done in 1998 narrated by Roger Moore on uncovered KGB files concerning UFOs.

Click HERE for Dr. Steven Greer's Disclosure Project lecture. This issue goes way beyond UFOs/USOs. This is a Copernican Revolution. Fear Galileo not. Look into the telescope. Recenter your world. 

Click HERE for a documentary: "This historically significant account of human/ET contact allegedly took place at the super-secret S4 facility located 12 miles south of Area 51. Also included are details drawings of the flight simulator on level B, along with a very accurate schematic layout of the cafeteria, file department, communications and transportation logistics to the facility."

Click HERE for the documentary "Confirmation: Hard Evidence of Aliens Among Us (1999)"

Click HERE for "The Mysterious UFO Incident with Many Witnesses above Gosford, Australia (1994) - FindingUFO"

Click HERE for "UFO - Miracle Of The Unknown".

Click HERE for "The Unknowns: Mystifying UFO Cases"

Click HERE for "Ron Reagan Show: UFOs (September, 1991) Part 1" .....  Click HERE for "Ron Reagan Show: UFOs (September, 1991) Part 2"

Click HERE for Documentary UFO: The Greatest Story Ever Denied (2006)

Click HERE for "THE JOURNEY: The Anthony Woods UFO Encounter" - FEATURE

Click HERE for "UFO Exclusive"  (1978). "Very, very obscure UFO documentary movie released in 1978. The 70s seemed to be a prime decade for this genre. It made the rounds on TV in the mid- to late 80s, where copies were then recorded on VCR."

Click HERE for UFO: "Top Secret (1978). Another obscure UFO documentary from the same people who made "UFO-Exclusive!" that same year."

Click HERE for "UFO's vs The Government" (Documentary)

Click HERE for "Extraterrestrial Life" (Documentary) It describes George Obarsky's NYC sighting (cf - HERE) which occurred in 1975. As this UFO event occurred in NYC, there were many witnesses to interview.

Click HERE for Erich von Däniken's "Chariots of the GODS".
Click HERE for a 1999 lecture delivered by Erich Von Daniken (05-19-99) Author of "Chariots of the Gods".

Click HERE for "THE SECRET: Evidence We Are Not Alone" - FEATURE FILM "MJ-12 refers to an elite TOP SECRET military group called into action by United States presidential order to investigate and conceal real alien and UFO encounters."

Click HERE for "The UFO Phoenix Lights".

Click HERE for "The Gaffney Incident: The Night Police Talked to an Alien". Talks about a case from 1966 in which two South Carolina police officers encountered and spoke to a strange man from somewhere else.

Click HERE for "The Port Charlotte UFO Incident".  Looks at a strange USO/UFO case from Florida.

Click HERE for "Not Human: An Encounter In The Outback".  Looks at a weird case in which a police officer encountered some very strange "people" in the Australian outback.

Click HERE for "Larry King Live - The Roswell Incident Unmasked".
Click HERE for "Larry King Live – Walton UFO abduction case." (3/12/1993)
Click HERE for "Larry King Live: UFO abductions." (4/26/94)

Click HERE for "4 Frightening ALIEN Abduction Cases"

Click HERE for "In Search Of... Earth Visitors - Season 4, Episode 91" (Leonard Nimoy) Uncut

Click HERE for "Underwater UFO Facility at Walker Lake, NV - UFO Seekers" © S1E10. "UFO Seekers investigates UFO sightings and Alien Encounters in an attempt to document UFO evidence."

Click HERE for "UFOs: 50 Years of Denial" "From firsthand accounts of the recovery of alien spacecraft and the harvesting of extraterrestrial technology by Head of U.S. Army's Foreign Technology Division (Col. Phillip J. Corso), to Apollo 14 astronaut (Dr. Edgar Mitchell)'s explosive revelations regarding the 1947 Roswell UFO incident."

Click HERE for "Documentaries The Ufo Evidence Documentary 2017"

Click HERE for "The Nicap Story - UFO Investigations" - FREE MOVIE This video focuses on the role of NICAP in the investigation of Unidentified Flying Objects and features (then) Acting-Director Richard Hall.

Click HERE for "MEXICO CONTACT POINT: The UFO Vigilantes" - FEATURE FILM. "Stunning observations are being made in the skies over Mexico and the world. In Mexico a new group of UFO observers called "The Vigilantes""

Click HERE for "UFOs In South America - Disclosure Has Begun" - FEATURE "Scientists, researchers, military personnel and astronauts have been talking about UFOs for years. Recently some major governments have begun to make their files on UFOs public."

Click HERE for "UFOs Secret History" (Full length ep)  [UFOandAlienChannel Published on Jan 8, 2015]

Click HERE for "UFOs The Bucks County Incident"  (full length tv ep)   [UFOandAlienChannel Published on Jan 7, 2015]

Click HERE for "Britain's UFO Storm SHOCKING NEW EVIDENCE Paranormal Alien Documentary" [Addison McMasters Published on Aug 6, 2014]

Click HERE for "Alien Crashes SOLID EVIDENCE UFO" Documentary. [Addison McMasters Published on Aug 6, 2014]

Click HERE for "UFO Documentary Police Chase a Massive UFO!!"  [Hernandez Jacobson Published on Jun 18, 2015]
UFO Documentary - Police Chase a Massive UFO!! ufo documentary, Ufo Documentary 2014, Documentary, Unidentified Flying.

Click HERE for "[UFO Files 2015] Last Living Witnesses of the Roswell UFO Crash Documentary HD" Hernandez Jacobson Published on Jun 18, 2015 [UFO Files 2015] "Last Living Witnesses of the Roswell UFO Crash Documentary HD An unidentified flying object, or UFO, in its most general definition, is any."

Click HERE for "Top 10 Signs of Aliens and Alien Life Caught on Camera" "There are some alien sightings and encounters with alien life forms that have mysteriously been caught on camera and caught on tape. From mysterious extraterrestrial UFO sightings to people on camera with proof, here are 10 signs of aliens."

Click HERE for "Alien Abductee Tells All: Inside UFO, Secret Bases On Earth, and more!" "Alien experiencer Steve Boucher shares 2 incredible stories of close encounters with aliens he had as a child and as a teenager."

Click HERE for "Northern Lights - Part 1" History of UFOs in Canada 1947-1967
Click HERE for "Northern Lights - Part 2" History of UFOs in Canada 1967-Present

Click HERE for #U66
"THE SECRET: Evidence We Are Not Alone" - FEATURE FILM

Click HERE for "UFOs: An Outside Intelligence - Full Documentary "Do UFO's exist? This documentary posits the notion that they not only do they exist, they are controlled by a non-human intelligence. Aliens? Ancestors from the future? Visitors from another dimension?" Or - Aliens are from Atlantis.

Click HERE for "Russian UFO Documentary Secret KGB! UFO 2017"

Click HERE for  "UFOS Seeing Is Believing" (full length movie) "UFOs: Seeing Is Believing is a two-hour American television special documentary film that aired on ABC on February 24, 2005. The program is narrated by Peter Jennings and features UFOs. It was produced by PJ Productions and Springs Media for ABC News."

Click HERE for "Extraterrestrial Truth Documentary : UFO FOOTAGE/ DISCLOSURE/ ET CONTACT" "Extraterrestrial Truth Documentary, ufo secrecy, ufo contact, ufo and alien agenda ... there is alot more going on than we think ... wake UP Credits to Dr Steven Greer, Disclosure project, Cseti, Citizen Press Hearing and Thrive movement."

Click HERE for "UFOLOGY Documentary The Hidden Secrets of Area 51" 

Click HERE for "UFO's: Testing The Evidence" (Documentary)

Click HERE for "UFO's Under Investigation" - Episode 110. "This new series takes a definitive, scientific look at the state of the search for UFOs as of the year 2003, documenting many UFO stories which have been debunked, and more importantly, bringing viewers up to date on the state of the most famous UFO investigations."

Click HERE for "Area 51 and MJ12" by CURIOUS ONE Published on Oct 15, 2017.

Click HERE for "SIGHTINGS | The UFO Report | based on the TV series | 1995 | VHS" "UFO sightings are increasing at an astonishing rate. More and more people worldwide are coming forward with their firsthand accounts of bizarre close encounters with extraterrestrial forces."

Click HERE for Could It Be That UFOs Are From Another Dimension - UFO Documentary


Click HERE for "Retired Air Force Intelligence Officer Shares His UFO Encounter".

Click HERE for "Alien Inside Extraterrestrial Craft? This Video Still Has UFO Experts Stunned!" 8/14/17.
thirdphaseofmoon Published on Aug 13, 2017

Click HERE for "NONE Of This Makes Sense..  (See This Before it is Deleted 2018-2019)" Anonymous Official
Published on Oct 9, 2018.

Click HERE for "New Ancient Artifacts Documentary 2018 Inexplicable Discoveries That Will Leave You In Awe"
"Artifacts provide some of the most fascinating discoveries with respect to our ancient history. Despite uncovering many of the secrets of our past, there is still so much that has either been omitted or forgotten and much of what we have uncovered is still shrouded in mystery."

Click HERE for "UFO MYSTERIES | An In-Depth Exploration".  "UFO Mysteries: Disclosure, False Flags, Skeptics & The Nimitz Encounter An in-depth analysis. [Also:]
GIMBAL UAP VIDEO LINK: https://youtu.be/tf1uLwUTDA0
THE NIMITZ ENCOUNTERS: https://youtu.be/26vx-EfVD8g"


Click HERE for "New UFO Documentary in China" || Best UFO Documentary Official. Daniel Kirkse 2017
Published on Dec 25, 2016. Notice the resemblance between the tether incident UFO and a Dropa stone, both pictured below.

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