Alger Amateur Radio Emergency Service

The Alger Amateur Radio Emergency Service is comprised of Amateur Radio operators primarily from Alger County, but also Marquette and Luce counties. The Mission of the AARES is to provide public service radio communications to local government agencies and organizations with a need for radio communications. This may be at normal times or in times of Emergency, such as when the power grid becomes silent. The AARES is led by an ARRL designated Emergency Coordinator, who appoints assistants from time to time to carry out the mission of the AARES. The group meets often, and has an ongoing training and practice philosophy, so when they are called into service, communicating effectively becomes second nature.

Emergency Coordinator: Tim Hass, KD8ZYW

Below are documents the AARES membership use to fufill the mission of ARES Please download as needed.

Alger County Declaration of Local State of Emergency - April 1, 2021

Two Hearted Trail Run Documents:

THTR 205A.pdf

Two Hearted


THTR 205.pdf

Two Hearted


Two Hearted Trail Run Map.pdf

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THTR 204 Clark Lake Aid Station (1).pdf

Two Hearted


THTR 214.pdf

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THTR 201.pdf

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