Repeater Services


Emergency Service

AARC shall establish procedures in conjunction with the Alger County Emergency Coordinator and provide training in radio communications to prepare to assist government and the public in times of emergency or disaster. We support all efforts to foster good will in the community and expressly affirm our obligations under FCC mandate to be prepared in the event of emergency to make ourselves, our equipment, and our expertise available to those in need.

The major focus and first priority of the Alger Amateur Radio Club is Emergency Services. Accordingly, we work closely with our Alger County Emergency Coordinator in developing an Emergency plan.

Additionally, we participate in Additionally, we maintain a compilation of local communication frequencies , handle local radio traffic via amateur radio service, and periodically run a Two Meter Net via our local repeater.

For additional and valuable information, check out our Emergency Resources

Public Event Services

In furtherance of our mandate to provide service to community events, and to further public awareness of amateur radio, and to be proactive in emergency preparedness and civil safety, the AARC provides communication assistance for various public events.

The AARC, upon request, will provide communication assistance for various public events. Examples of such events are:

U. P. 200 Dogsled Races,Dates as follows:

Feb 12 - 16, 2015; Feb 11 - 15, 2016; Feb 16 - 20, 2017; Feb 15 - 19, 2018;

Feb 14 - 18, 2019; Feb 13 - 16, 2020


Pictured Rocks Road Race

Tour de Woods Bicycle Races,

The Grand Island Marathon & 10km Races.

The ALGER AMATEUR RADIO CLUB (AARC) is a 501(C)(3) tax exempt non-profit service organization. Serving the needs of Alger County Michigan and furthering the interests of Amateur Radio

The Alger Amateur Radio Club does not discriminate as to age, race, religion, sex, or national origin.

Repeater Service

It shall be our exclusive purpose to maintain one or more open access amateur radio repeaters for community events and governmental assistance purposes, providing optimum coverage to the whole of Alger County. It shall also be our intent to further the exchange of information and cooperation between members individually, law enforcement and emergency preparedness personnel, lessening the burdens of government in providing much needed communications in times of emergency/disaster, as well as to be of service to the community at large, advancing the general interest and welfare of Amateur Radio.

KC8BAN Transmitting to the World from Alger County

N 46° 21' 54.7" Latitude

W 86° 36' 58.4" Longitude

in Michigan's Upper Peninsula

Our 2 Meter Repeater operates at 145.410Mhz FM (-.600Mhz)

covering the Metro-Munising Area at 1186' MSL

On February 8, 2006, The Alger Amateur Radio Club installed a new repeater site in Grand Marais, Michigan, that is linked with the 145.410 (-)KC8BAN repeater at Wetmore, MI.. The call for the Grand Marais repeater is KC8BAN, and is transmitting on 147.195 MHz with a positive offset, at 1305' MSL. See photos below.