2015 Shari Crouch

Shari Crouch Honored

At Choir Banquet

One thing I've learned as a director and that is that great choirs have great accompanists. The extent of a choir’s success, to a large degree, is dependent upon it’s accompanist. He or she can make or break a performance – The accompanist must support the choir without overshadowing them. He or she must hold things together if the choir stumbles. In the words of classical pianist, Irwin Gage, there are many accompanists who are very good pianists, but there are not many pianists who are good accompanists.

Aldine Methodist Church Choir is so fortunate to have in Shari Crouch, not only a gifted pianist, but a superb accompanist who is capable of contributing to the artistic context of an anthem. Shari Crouch makes the piano part sparkle, while letting our choir shine. She truly has a servant's heart, performing not for personal glory, but content in knowing that her help enables the choir to proclaim the glory of God. Shari has the skills to not only play the pieces but the ability to work with me in assisting the choir members in learning their parts. We have often joked that we “share a brain” since she is able to anticipate what I'm going to say before I say it. On behalf of the choir, I would like to thank Shari for helping to carry our the choir mission of praising God through music. Personally, I count our friendship as one of life's richest blessings.

We Are Thanking You, Shari

Tune: "Always" by Irving Berlin

We are thanking you, Shari;

For your service true, Shari.

When we've missed the boat,

And can't find our note;

You will rescue us, Shari, Shari!

We admire you, Shari;

We can count on you, Shari;

How you play so well

None of us can tell'

You make us sound swell, Shari!