2013 Peggy Simkins

Born in Philadelphia, Peggy moved to New Jersey at age 4, living in Pittsgrove and Monroeville. In junior high, Peggy studied violin for two years. She graduated from Pitman High School where she took secretarial courses and sang in the Glee Club. Peg was a self described “wallflower” in high school. (Hard to believe that, Peg! ) She met Oscar at the Del-wood Roller Rink They married less than two years later when Peg was 17 and Oscar was 22. Oscar was already working on his father's farm. Peg says they were “as poor as church mice” in the early years of their marriage. Oscar was up at at 4 AM to milk the cows and needed to be home in the evening by 5:30 to milk them again. One of the greatest joys in their lives are their five children, Andy, Luke, Becky, Mark and Chris. In 1971, to help make ends meet, Peg began pursuing a nursing degree at Cumberland County College and graduated two years later. Her gift of compassion was put to use as she served as a nurse at Bridgeton, Millville and Elmer Hospitals for 25 years.

Peggy has been singing in the Aldine Methodist Choir since 1955 when she married Oscar, taking time off after each of her 5 children. The choir was small and informal in those days. Dave and Clemintine Elwell were the choir directors at that time. Dave, Oscar's Sunday School teacher, taught him to sing bass and started a quartet with himself, Oscar & Harold and Walter Cole, who owned a store in Aldine. Later, Dave Bailey and Bob Black were part of the quartet.

Peggy has a servant's heart and has served on nearly every committee of the church at Aldine. She the chairperson of the Pastor Parish Relations Committee for over 20 years as well as on Administrative Board. In addition, she taught Sunday School and served as the Church Historian. She is currently the chairperson of “The Young at Heart.” - a phrase which describes her perfectly!

Peggy and Oscar have now been married for an inspiring 59 years. They have 16 grandchildren, 3 step grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren. She and Oscar, no longer having to be home to feed the cows, have had the pleasure of traveling extensively throughout the United States and Europe. Many of you know that Peg is a skilled quilter. She also enjoys attending concerts and cultural events. She says she enjoys singing in the Aldine Choir because of the comraderie, the chance to sing harmony and because she enjoys the challenge of learning new music in praise to our Lord.

Peg, your faithfulness, cheerful, optimistic personality and your ability to remain young at heart are an inspiration to all of us. We are thankful for your willingness to serve your Savior, not only in the choir, but in various ministries here at Aldine. We are encouraged by your long and loving marriage to Oscar. We look forward to singing praises with you and Oscar in the choir for many years to come.

Peg O' My Heart -Parody for Peg Simkins

Peg o' my heart;

I love how you know your part in choir.

So cheerfully, in sweet harmony;

Your strong alto make me happy;

As a dresser, you are snappy!

Peg o' my heart;

I think that you were so smart;

When you said, “I'll be your queen”

To Oscar at age seventeen