2014 Bill & Babe Petrauschke

What would the Aldine Methodist Church choir be without Babe's cheerfulness & optimism? And what would it be like if we asked Bill how he is doing and he said, "Terrible" instead of "Terrific" ? How did these two get together anyway- this man of few words and this woman of many? These and many more questions were answered at our 2014 Choir Banquet following our cantata, Mary Did You Know? Yes, at just 4 feet, 9 inches, Babe may be tiny, but this Babe has the Lord on her side. And here on earth, she has a terrific gentle giant of a man who, although he isn't very talkative, has a lot to teach us. He is a reminder that despite earthly trials, we can be alright in the Lord.

Thanks Babe and Bill!