For specific details, refer to Water Ordinance No. 14/15-1

As of June 25, 2015 the monthly cost of water to customers is composed of two charges, a fixed service charge and a variable water usage charge.

Fixed service charge = $84 per month

Variable water usage charge = 37¢ per cubic foot

Section 13.01

For properties that include a dwelling in addition to the main residence, as of June 25th 2015 there will be an added fixed charge of $84 for each additional and separate dwelling.

However, properties of record with AHCWD prior to the June 25th, 2015 implementation of Water Ordinance No. 14/15-1 that have more than one dwelling will NOT be subject to this added fixed charge.

Section 13.02

These rates will remain in effect for 5 years from the 5/26/15 ordinance adoption.

Section 13.03

Paperless statements: email statements are available on request and actively encouraged. Please email requests to to begin receiving email statements. The email statement will replace your paper statement.

CHARGES AND FEES (per occurrence)

For specific details/ add’l charges, refer to Water Ordinance & Exhibit A

Application for Water Service: $25 + deposit if required A1.03.01

Transfer Fee: $600 A2.02

New Connection Fee: $35,000 A2.03.01

Accounts are due 15 days after billing and are delinquent if not paid by the end of the month.

Late Fee: $15 Section 8.05

Past Due Accounts: Late Fee + 1%/month on unpaid balance Section 8.06

Dishonored Checks: $35 A1.03.3

Please refer to Water Ordinance and the Policies and Procedures sidebars for further information.

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