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Aldercroft Heights Neighborhood Brochure available here.

The Aldercroft Heights County Water District (AHCWD) was formed in 1958 as an independent special district. It provides retail water services to residents of a rural unincorporated area within the Santa Cruz Mountains. AHCWD operates under the Water Code §30000 which can be found here.

Daily operations are managed for the District by a business manager. In addition, the District contracts with a water management service, a meter reader and, as needed, legal counsel. A board secretary takes and posts meeting minutes and keeps records.

The Board of AHCWD holds public meetings on the first Tuesday of every month, 6:30pm, at the Chemeketa Park Clubhouse, which is adjacent to 177759 Apache Trail, Los Gatos, CA 95033. Parking is accessible from Comanche Trail, just past the intersection of Apache Trail and Comanche Trail on the playground pavement. The agenda for each meeting is posted on AHCWD’s website and on the District’s bulletin board located by the big eucalyptus tree on the pullout near the entrance to Locust Drive. Members of the District are particularly encouraged to attend regular meetings, the only exception being the occasional closed meetings (usually occurring from 6-6:30pm prior to a regular meeting) where confidential matters or legal issues are discussed.

At the beginning of each public meeting there is an open section set aside for public comment (see agenda) where anyone in attendance can address the Board for a period of 3 minutes on any matter of concern. Such items may be added to the following month’s agenda for lengthier future discussion where appropriate.

The Board of Directors

AHCWD is governed by a five-member Board of Directors. The board members serve four year terms. Directors do not receive any compensation. Current board member names, positions, and term expiration dates are as follows:

Melissa Zender, Director - term ends 2024

Tyler Houts, Director - (term ends Nov. 2020)

Vacant Seat

Roger Wintle, Director - term ends 2022

Richard Francis, Director - term ends 2022

If you are interested in serving your community, please reach out to us at: aldercroft.hcwd@gmail.comView our agency overview on the Santa Clara County Local Agency Commission.