Capital Improvement projects and priority are established by the Board of Directors at the monthly Board meetings.  

Completed Capital Improvement Projects:

Completed in 2024: The retaining wall at the County Road Tank failed and the wall was constructed of pressure treated 4x6’s and 2x12’s.  After removal and excavation of the old wall, it was replaced with a new steel-reinforced concrete retaining wall.  In addition, the spring located adjacent to the wall and tank was rerouted appropriately to alleviate unnecessary stress on the area with a headwall and culvert extension. 

Y Tank Roof Replacement, 2017



Drilling the Well, 2015:

Completed in 2013: A 12’ wide 22’ long steel grate bridge resting on steel beams and reinforced concrete piers was built at the site of the old wooden bridge.  It is rated to support 6 tons  (12,000 lbs.).   In conjunction with the bridge, the dirt road on each side was graded to create an evacuation route.  This bridge also allows AHCWD to service one of its storage tanks.

The first two pictures are of the old bridge.


Construction photographs of the new bridge, started in August 2013:


New evacuation route bridge, completed September 13, 2013: