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The ACSDF Board is currently focused on developing the existing 25 acres of the Martin Complex located 1/2 mile south of Alburnett. The area is being developed both for the benefit of the community and the school.

The project includes a walking trail, all-weather surface track, and football practice and game fields as well as baseball/softball diamonds. A pavilion and a playground are slated for future completion. It is a goal to create a park like setting and provide a wide variety of recreational options at the complex.

"Back the Track" Campaign                                                       

The Martin Complex Development will be paid for through the fundraising efforts of the "Back the Track" campaign. The estimated total cost is $992,000. Back the Track Estimate

The Foundation would appreciate your financial support for the campaign. Donors can use their tax-deductible contributions to symbolically buy meters of the track. Each 8 lane meter of the 3200 meter track equates to a donation of $310. Become a Foundation Member Now!

“Pirate Ship Playground Project” Campaign

In late summer of 2009, the Pirate Ship Playground campaign set sail with a small crew to raise funds to complete the park space and playground area of the Martin Complex. Funds raised for the playground are raised and maintained as a separate effort to the main “Back the Track” Campaign. To learn more about the Pirate Ship Playground Project, please visit their website at

(Update: The Pirate Ship Playground has been completed.)

Phase 1 - Back the Track Campaign/ Martin Complex

Phase I development of the Martin Complex was completed in 2006. This phase consisted of land acquisition, site cleanup, grading/tiling for the ball fields, parking lot and driveway through the complex, tree planting and construction of a community walking trail around the complex perimeter.

Walking Trail & Trees

In October 2005, an asphalt walking trail was completed. Alburnett Students use the trail as part of physical education classes.  

The trees along the trail were obtained through a Trees Forever grant and planted with the assistance of Alburnett FFA students. The Foundation was also awarded a $2500 Alliant Energy Foundation Community Grant to assist with completion of the walking trail.

Youth Diamonds

The lower youth baseball/softball diamond was completed Summer 2007 (see picture). This was made possible through a $5,000 grant from the Minnesota Twins Community Fund and a $7,000 donation from the Alburnett Sports Booster Club, along with the time and or services of many persons in the community. Learn More  Additionally a $3000 Witwer Trust grant was was used to purchase cement picnic tables for use at the ball diamond. This is the third grant we have received from the Witwer Trust, totaling $9,000. Starting in the Summer of 2008, little league ball games were held at the lower youth diamond.

Phase 2 - Back the Track Campaign/Martin Complex

The Foundation board is currently in the capital fund raising stage for Phase II. Phase II includes an 8-lane/400-meter/all-weather track, football field, practice field, concessions/storage facility, bleachers, crow’s nest and parking area. This phase includes grading, tiling, irrigation, fencing, water, sewer, electricity, lighting, football field accessories, track accessories and seeding. We have also included our remaining land payment, our loan repayments and a contingency amount in our project scope and cost estimate.

Phase 2 Progress

Thanks to Foundation member Bob Berry's work with the City of Alburnett, property owner Rick Smith and contractor Rick Harger with H&H construction, a sanitary sewer line was been extended to the Martin complex. The sewer line extension was completed at significant cost savings to all parties involved.

By the Summer of 2007, a parking lot was established along the east side of the complex. A well was also drilled, with work completed and donated by Lyle McBurney.

In 2008, the following work was completed at the complex:

  • 1st Youth Ball Diamond - Completed infield lime, base/outfield foul pole setting and cement work outside the backstop on the lower youth ball diamond. The new diamond is used extensively by many Alburnett community youth for baseball games, softball games and football practice.

  • A storage shed was built for ball diamond supplies and equipment.

  • Two sets of 4-row bleachers and two circular cement picnic tables were purchased for the new ball diamond.

  • Rough grading for the track and football field was nearly completed. This work was again delayed in 2008 due to a very wet spring and early summer as well as an early winter.

2009 projects included the following:

  • Second youth ball diamond
  • Grading of the remainder of the complex.
  • Tiling of the remainder of the complex both inside and around the track perimeter.
  • Prep work for installing a three-phase electrical service completed as of December 2009.
  • Installation of a well pump, pressure tank and hydrant
  • Raise the height of and improve drainage for portions of the walking trail.
  • Construction of the track and football field could begin as soon as one year after completion of the grading and tiling, once the ground has adequately settled. The leadership gift of $150,000 from the Morris Neighbor Family and Farmers State Bank will underwrite the cost of the track.

Alburnett Boy Scout Troop 504 Eagle Quest is an additional set of projects being worked at the complex, starting in the Fall of 2009.  The 5 projects for 5 Eagle Scouts included: 2 Horseshoe pits and benches, a sand Volleyball court, fitness stations along the walking trail, painting dugouts, mulching around trees and landscaping along the trail. As of December 2009, landscaping for six fitness stations along the walking trail has been completed and two horseshoe pits and benches were constructed in the northwest corner of the complex.

As of May 2010, rough grading of the football field and practice field areas had been completed by Taube Excavation. Glen Wickman extended the sewer line from the north property boundary to the future location of the concession/restroom/ storage building.

As of August 15, 2010, Alliant Energy had installed the 3-phase electrical service and a transformer. Fangman-Neighbor Tiling had installed some surface drains along the walking trail. 

As of September 15, 2010, the following projects were completed or were in progress:

  • Finish grading of area inside the track

  • Shallow drainage tile lines under the football field

  • French drain/collector tile line around inside perimeter of the track

  • Water lines to football, softball and youth fields

  • Electrical conduit to both sidelines of the football field

  • Capped PVC pipe under track in several places for additional lines to football field as needed.

  • Prepped soil for seeding.

The above projects were completed by Prairie Landscapes with assistance from Jeff Carrothers with material hauling and assembly of water and electrical conduit lines.

  • Fertilizer and lime applications to area inside the track and practice field

  • Seeding of area inside track and practice field

  • Hauling gravel for tiling projects and driveway through the complex

  • Well pump and water line from well. The pump controls, pressure tanks and needed water lines will be installed later this fall or in the spring as the contractor has time.

  • Constructed a temporary utility shed until a permanent concession building can be constructed.

  • Skinned infield of the future varsity softball (west) diamond infield and installed drainage tile and a water line

  • Currently spreading asphalt milling on the walking tail and lime on the west diamond infield

Thanks to Marty Boyse, Kyle Betenbender (AgVantage FS), Mike Zerba (Midway Well), Marv Porter, Bob Berry, Dan Sherman, Dan Lowe (Pan Ag, Inc.) and Jeff Carrothers for donating labor, offering discounted rates for labor as work is completed and/or use of equipment to complete the above projects!

In November 2010, a foul line/outfield chain link fence was installed on the upper ball diamond.

In December 2010, wooden light poles were set for the upper ball diamond.

2011 Progress Updates

The Foundation is currently working with the Booster Club, varsity coach, school administration and school board on plans to move the varsity softball program to the upper diamond at the complex, hopefully for the 2012 season.

The football and practice soccer fields were inter-seeded in the spring and grass has filled in nicely despite hot and dry weather during the summer. The infield of the upper diamond has been filled with athletic lime and bases have been set. Benches were constructed at several fitness stations along the walking trail as part of an Eagle Scout project. The driveway through the complex now has a gravel base. An asphalt milling coating will be added in the future. Additional millings have been added to low areas of the walking trail.

As of December 16th, 2011, the concession-restroom building and the softball diamond's crows nest shells were completed. Subfloor plumbing/drains, concrete floor, heating ductwork, metal clad ceiling, attic insulation, doors and windows are also completed for the concession building. The 800-amp electrical service is currently being installed from the transformer to the the building.

Once the furnace and electrical service are installed, the Foundation will be seeking the assistance of community members to complete the interior of the building including wall framing, drywall, cabinets, counters, shelves, etc.. If you have an interest in contributing your time and talents to this project, please contact a Foundation board member so that you may be contacted when we are ready to complete this phase.

Final grading and compaction of the track sub base has been completed.  Required compaction testing will be done at a later date.  Currently working on the gravel base for the track as time allows in preparation for a temporary running surface and to prevent erosion of the infield grass area along the track.  Also, the ground west of the track has been built up to direct runoff water away from the track and for the future elevated home sidelines.

2012 Progress Updates

Considerable progress was made during 2012 on projects at the complex:

  • Finished the interior of the concession/restroom building. The Foundation is seeking the assistance of community members to complete the interior of the building including wall framing, drywall, cabinets, counters, shelves, etc.

  • Installed the 800-amp electrical service from the transformer to the building.

  • Installed pump controls, pressure tanks, plumbing fixtures, furnace and electrical service in the concession building.

  • Irrigation line to the football field is now operational with a reel irrigation unit in use.

  • Playground, exercise stations and all of the “side” projects around the complex.

  • Spread asphalt millings on the driveway connecting the two entrances.

  • Expanded the infield lime of the lower ball diamond and set bases to accommodate USSSA league baseball games

  • Installed scoreboard at the upper ball diamond.

2013 Progress Updates

  • Alburnett Junior/Senior High School girl's softball program moved to the upper ball diamond for the 2013 season. This move was facilitated by the Alburnett Booster Club's donation of $35,000 to provide lighting and other necessary items.

  • Addition of a sand volleyball court.

  • Further completion of the concession stand and restrooms

  • Installed IHSAA compliant lighting at the upper ball diamond.

  • Installation of a sound system at the upper ball diamond.

  • Installed a flag pole at the upper ball diamond.

  • Reconfiguration of dugout fencing. 

  • Installation of batting cages between the upper and lower ball diamonds

  • The parking lot was expanded and parking dividers were put in place.

  • Drainage issues in the outfield of the upper diamond were addressed and fixed.

  • Continued progress on a drinking water permit from the DNR.

  • 23 trees were planted on the North end of the Martin Complex.

Coming in 2014

        Our complex development priorities for 2014 as funding allows include the following:

  • Finish grading/seeding of park area and areas along the road through the complex.

  • Completion of the drinking water permit process

  • Investigate the next steps in development of the football and track complex including affordable options such as used but good condition lighting, loans, etc.

  • Additional Alburnett Boy Scout Troop 504 Eagle Scout projects.

If you, your business or your community organization has an interest in donating funds, labor, materials, equipment and/or services for any of these projects, please contact a Foundation Board member.
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