Pillars Scholarship Program

The Pillars Scholarship Program seeks to award dedicated and involved graduating seniors who demonstrate exceptional leadership and

volunteerism in their school and community, and are involved in the areas of academics, fine arts, and athletics. The Foundation truly believes

that the best student is a well-rounded student, and seeks to encourage future alumni to have a connection to the school and community and to have

an opportunity to give back to it in the future. Applicants should be prepared to explain their volunteerism and their involvement in the three Pillar

areas of importance. While it is not a prerequisite to have experience in all three areas, the ideal candidate will fit the description of "well-rounded and

involved" in more than one Pillar area. Two scholarships awards totaling $5,000 in will be made available for the graduating Class of 2020.

This scholarship program has four objectives: 1) To recognize and reward students for demonstrating exceptional leadership and effort in

volunteerism 2) To introduce students to a personal interview situation similar to those they will face in collegiate and employment scenarios, 3) To

show the Foundation’s financial commitment to several core areas of school involvement, and 4) To emphasize and promote continuation of post secondary.


A Gold Award of $4,000 will go to the top finalist (potentially). $2,000 will be awarded up-front, and an additional $2,000 will be awarded if:

A) the recipient maintains a 3.0 cumulative GPA at the completion of their first year of post-secondary education and B) provides proof of enrollment

for a second consecutive year of post-secondary education. (Please note that recipients participating in only a single year of post-secondary education

are not eligible for the additional award dollars.) A Silver Award of $1,000 will go to the runner-up finalist (non-renewable). Results will be

announced and scholarships awarded on Senior Awards Night.

Criteria are as follows:

* Written Application including essay

* Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better and currently enrolled as a full-time Senior at Alburnett H.S.

* Submission of official high school transcript

* Submission of two signed letters of personal recommendation for volunteerism, character, leadership, and citizenship

* Personal Interview with the scholarship selection committee on Interview Day