Horizon Award

Do you know someone who deserves an award for all that they do for the Alburnett Community School District?

All too often our citizens, school staff, and students make significant and wonderful contributions to our community and/or to our school that go unnoticed or unrecognized. The Alburnett Foundation's Horizon Awards Program provides a unique opportunity for recognizing outstanding community service and civic dedication.

Nominating someone is easy! Send us a brief email describing the actions/dedication of the nominee and their impact on our school and/or community (500 words or less). This can be a random act of kindness that has been observed, volunteerism, extraordinary citizenship, etc. Any individual student, staff member, or community may be nominated.

Please include the following in your email:

1) Name, address, email address, and cell phone number of person you are nominating

2) Your name, address, email address, and cell phone number *

* If you prefer that your nomination be kept anonymous, please state that at the end your email. You must still include your contact information for us, but you will not be mentioned.

Previous winners include:

2011: Dixie Boyse, Jennifer Wehrkamp, Lauralea Wander

2012: Bert Shulista, Linda Franck, Jim Carver

2013: Marv Porter, Dede Eschen, Kyle Kuhlers

2014: Ken Robison, Patty Shaffer, Brett Shulista

2015: Larry McBurney, Heather Airy, Karen Miller

2016: Dani Trimble, Rick McGraw, Carl "Bucky" Rockwood

2017: Sherry Cook, Larry Lebeda, Bob Berry

2018: Brian Huber, Al Sorenson

2019: Kelly Baier, Jodi Burns, Steve Sodawasser

Email nominations directly to jemcgraw@crschools.us before February 22, 2020 to be considered. (Do not email or submit nominations to the school)

Up to three (3) Horizon Awards will be presented at the Alburnett Foundation's Annual Gala in March. Recipients and a guest will be treated to complimentary tickets to the Gala as honored guests of the Foundation.

Many of our community heroes dedicate countless hours to benefit us all. Take a few minutes -- and thank them by nominating them for a Horizon Award!

Jeremiah McGraw & Mike Olinger, Horizon Award Committee Co-Chairs, Alburnett Foundation