About Us

The Alburnett Community School District Foundation was incorporated in 2002 as a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit, charitable organization. Its purpose is to provide greater educational, social and recreational opportunities for the school, students, faculty and members of the communities within the Alburnett Community School District.

Core Beliefs of the Foundation

We believe that

    • We can help
    • We must be competitive to maintain and to increase student enrollment
    • In order for the community to thrive the school district must thrive
    • A well-rounded student is the future citizen
    • A good student makes a strong community

Community Relationships

The Foundation believes we can and will enrich the quality of life for the greater community by bringing people together and dreams to life. We desire to find ways to improve our community, to make it more attractive and draw people to it.

The Foundation believes strong communities help create a strong school district. The Board plans to promote projects that benefit both the school itself and all residents living in the Alburnett Community School District. To us the word "community" means much more than just the City of Alburnett. It includes all residents of the district whether they live in or near Alburnett, Lafayette, Midway or Toddville. We want residents of the district to take pride in our school and feel a connection to other residents in the district.

The ACSDF works closely with the School District, but is its own separate entity. The school superintendent serves as a liaison from the school on the Foundation Board, but is in a non-voting capacity. The Foundation has communicated and met with the Alburnett City Council in the past and look forward to increased opportunities to do so in the future. We have developed a relationship with the Alburnett Lions Club and look forward to also working with other civic organizations within the school district. We have also seen great cooperation from several area businesses and individuals.

Martin Complex Development

A land purchase was chosen as our first project after much study and consideration. We explored the possibility that this land could be used to develop social and recreational opportunities for the community and possibly track, softball and football facilities for the school. We looked and considered six to eight different tracks of land.

Larry and MaryLou Martin made a very generous donation to the Foundation, which allowed us to purchase 25 acres just south of Alburnett on N. Alburnett Road. The Martins believe very much in the community and the school, wanting greater opportunities for both.

Learn more about the Martin Complex Development.