Board Members

The following community members are part of the Alburnett Community School District Foundation, which meets monthly. Meetings are open to the public.

To find out when our next meeting is, go to the Meetings page.


Matt Olinger - President (319)310-6644

Michael Olinger - Vice President (319) 777-6713

Danielle Fisher - Treasurer

Janet Sargent - Secretary (319)270-9960

Deb Brenneman (319)981-6353

Stephanie Cooper (319)558-6035

Ryan Fisher

Susan Gehring (319)560-1043

Heather Hospodarsky (319)551-3406

Christine Landa (319)329-9099

Jeremiah McGraw (319)551-3965

Wendy Miller (319)310-8382

Jeanie Neighbor (319)842-2626

Hillary Stacey

Dani Trimble (319)842-2261