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Below is a list of manually aligned parallel texts in ParallelBook (PBO) format. You can freely download these books and read them in Windows and Android with Aglona Reader. The files are WinRAR archives.

You can also find links to versions with synchronized audio (PBS format) if they are available. Clicking on a link to audio version opens a Google Docs page from which you can download the archive with File > Download.

To find out more about Aglona Reader, click "English" link above.



  • Doyle, Arthur Conan
    • The Sign of the Four (based on German translation by arno.niemer@abc.de with additions and alterations by Robin Pfeifer and Selen from aboutgerman.net forum)
    • The Five Orange Pips* (German translation by Alexander Wlk; aligned by Orontiel Tararwen)
  • Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm
  • Wilde, Oscar




  1. Parallel texts with * symbol listed here cannot be used for any commercial purposes whatsoever. You may use them for personal purposes (reading and studying foreign languages) only.
  2. All other parallel texts in ParallelBook format, listed and downloadable from this page, are based on original texts and their translations that are in the Public domain. The parallel texts themselves are derivative works (in order to create which a lot of manual, creative labor was required), and they were released into the Public domain by their respective authors. You may freely download, distribute and use these parallel texts.