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1. Evolution  of multi-phase modes for nonlinear  dispersive waves, M.J. Ablowitz and D.J.  Benney,

Stud.  Appl.  Math.,  49 (1970) 225-238.

2.  Applications of slowly varying  nonlinear  dispersive  wave theories,  M.J.  Ablowitz,  Stud.  Appl.

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3.  Approximate methods  for obtaining  multi-phase modes in nonlinear  dispersive  wave problems, M.J.  Ablowitz,  Stud.  Appl.  Math., 51 (1972) 17-55.

4. Semi-resonant interactions and frequency  dividers,  M.J.  Ablowitz,  B.A. Funk  and A.C. Newell,

Stud.  Appl.  Math.,  52 (1973) 51-74.

5.  Decay of continuous  spectrum  for solutions  of Korteweg–deVries  equation,  M.J.  Ablowitz  and

A.C. Newell, J. Math.  Phys.,  14 (1973) 1277-1284.

 6. Method for solving Sine-Gordon equation,  M.J. Ablowitz, D.J. Kaup,  A.C. Newell and H. Segur,

Phys.  Rev.  Lett.,  30 (1973) 1262-1264

 7. Nonlinear-evolution equations  of physical  significance, M.J.  Ablowitz,  D.J.  Kaup,  A.C. Newell
      and H. Segur, Phys.  Rev.  Lett.,  31 (1973) 125-127.        

   8. Coherent pulse propagation, A dispersive,  irreversible  phenomenon,  M.J.  Ablowitz,  D.J.  Kaup, and A.C.  
Newell, J. Math.  Phys.,  11 (1974) 1852-1858.

   9. Inverse scattering transform - fourier analysis for nonlinear problems, M.J. Ablowitz, D.J. Kaup, A. C. Newell and H. Segur, Stud. Appl. Math., 53 (1974) 249-315. ∗This has been judged a citation classic by Current Contents (see Current Contents, June 7, 1982, Vol. 13, No. 23).

10.  Nonlinear  differential-difference  equations,  M.J.  Ablowitz  and J.F.  Ladik,  J. Math.  Phys.,  16

(1975) 598-603.

11.   Note  on resonance  and  nonlinear  dispersive  waves,  M.J.  Ablowitz,  Stud.   Appl.   Math.,  54

(1975) 61-70.

12.   Inverse  scattering transform - semi-infinite  interval,   M.J.  Ablowitz  and  H. Segur,  J. Math.

Phys., 16 (1975) 1054-1056.

13. Resonantly coupled nonlinear  evolution  equations,  M.J.  Ablowitz and R. Haberman, J. Math.

Phys.,  16 (1975) 2301-2305.

14.  Nonlinear  evolution  equations—2  and  3 dimensions,  M.J.  Ablowitz  and  R. Haberman, Phys.

Rev.  Lett.,  35 (1975) 1185-1188.

15. Asymptotic solutions and conservation  laws for the nonlinear  Schrodinger  equation  I,

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16. Nonlinear  differential–difference  equations  and fourier-analysis,  M.J.  Ablowitz and J.F.  Ladik,

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Math.,  55 (1976) 213-229.

18.   Solution  of a class of nonlinear  partial difference equations,  M.J.  Ablowitz  and  J.F.  Ladik,

Stud.  Appl.  Math.,  57 (1977) 1-12.

19.   Nonlinear  evolution  equations,   continuous   and  discrete,  M.J.  Ablowitz,  SIAM  Review,  19

(1977) 663-684 (invited  article).

20. Asymptotic solutions  of Korteweg–deVries  equation,  M.J.  Ablowitz and H. Segur, Stud.  Appl.

Math.,  57 (1977) 13–44.

21. Exact  linearization of a Painlev´e transcendent, M.J.  Ablowitz and H. Segur, Phys.  Rev.  Lett.,

38 (1977) 1103-1106.

22. Solitons and rational solutions of non-linear evolution equations,  M.J. Ablowitz and J. Satsuma,

J. Math.  Phys.,  19 (1978) 2180-2186.

23. Lectures  on inverse scattering transform, M.J.  Ablowitz,  Stud.  Appl.  Math.,  58 (1978) 17–94.

24.    Non-linear  evolution  equations   and  ordinary   differential-equations  of Painlev´e  type,  M.J.

Ablowitz,  A. Ramani  and H. Segur, Lett.  al Nuovo Cimento,  23 (1978) 333–338.

25.  Note  on Miura  transformation, M.J.  Ablowitz,  M.D. Kruskal  and  H. Segur,  J. Math.   Phys.,

20 (1979) 999-1003.

26.  Evolution  of packets  of water-waves,  M.J.  Ablowitz  and  H. Segur, J. Fluid  Mech., 92  (1979)


27.  Explicit  solutions  of Fischer’s  equation  for a special wave speed,  M.J.  Ablowitz  and  A. Zep- petella,  Bulletin  of Math.  Bio., 41 (1979) 835-840.

28.  Transverse instability of one-dimensional  transparent optical  pulses in resonant  media,  M.J.

Ablowitz and Y. Kodama,  Phys.  Lett.  A, 70 (1979) 83-86.

29. 2-dimensional  lumps in nonlinear  dispersive systems,  J. Satsuma and M.J.  Ablowitz,  J. Math.

Phys.,  20 (1979) 1496-1503.

30.  Resonant  nonlinear  vibrations in continuous  systems.   I. Undamped  case, M.J.  Ablowitz,  A.

Askar, A.S. Cakmak  and H. Engin, Int.  J. Nonlin.  Mech., 14 (1979) 223-233.

31.  Resonant nonlinear  vibrations of continuous  systems.   II. Damped  and  transient-behavior,  H.

Engin, M.J. Ablowitz, A. Askar and A.S. Cakmak,  Int.  J. Nonlin.  Mech., 14 (1979) 235-246.

32. Solutions  of the Korteweg–deVries  equation,  M.J. Ablowitz and H. Cornille, Phys.  Lett.  A, 72

(1979) 277-280.

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34.  Solitary  wave collisions, M.J.  Ablowitz,  M.D. Kruskal  and  J.F.  Ladik,  SIAM J. Appl.  Math.,

36 (1979) 428-437.

35.   A connection  between  non-linear  evolution-equations and  ordinary  differential-equations  of

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36.   A connection  between  non-linear  evolution-equations and  ordinary  differential-equations  of

P-type. II., M.J.  Ablowitz,  A. Ramani  and H. Segur, J. Math.  Phys.,  21 (1980) 1006-1015.

37. Transverse instability of breathers in resonant media, Y. Kodama  and M.J. Ablowitz, J. Math.

Phys.,  21 (1980) 928-931.

38.  Comparison  between  finite-element  methods  and  spectral  methods  as applied  to bound-state problems,  M. Duff, H. Rabitz,  A.   Askar,  A. Cakmak  and  M.J.  Ablowitz,  J. Chem.  Phys., 72 (1980) 1543-1559.

39. Long internal  waves in fluids of great  depth,  M.J.  Ablowitz and H. Segur, Stud.  Appl.  Math.,

62 (1980) 249-262.

  40. Remarks on non-linear evolution-equations and ordinary  differential-equations of Painlev´e type, M.J.  Ablowitz,  Physica  D, 3 (1981) 129-141.
  41. Asymptotic solutions  of non-linear  evolution-equations and a Painlev´e transcendent, H. Segur and M.J.  Ablowitz,  Physica  D, 3 (1981) 165-184.

*42.  The  soliton:   A significant,  coherent  nonlinear  phenomena,  M.J.  Ablowitz  and  A.S. Fokas,

Clarkson  Innovations, 1 (1981) 2-3 (invited  article).

  43.  Finite  perturbations and some special solutions  of the Korteweg–deVries  equation,  H. Airault and M.J.  Ablowitz,  C.R.  Acad.  Sc.  Paris, 292  (1981) 279-281.

44. Non-linear intermediate long-wave equation  - Analysis and method  of solution,  Y. Kodama,  J.

Satsuma and M.J.  Ablowitz,  Phys.  Rev.  Lett.,  46 (1981) 687-690.

45. Linearization of the Korteweg–deVries and Painlev´e II equations,  A.S. Fokas and M.J. Ablowitz,

Phys.  Rev.  Lett.,  47 (1981) 1096-1100.

46.   Perturbations of solitons  and  solitary  waves,  Y. Kodama  and  M.J.  Ablowitz,  Stud.   Appl.

Math.,  64 (1981) 225-245.

47. The periodic cubic Schr¨odinger-equation, Y.C. Ma and M.J.  Ablowitz,  Stud.  Appl.  Math.,  65

(1981) 113-158.

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49.  Direct and  inverse scattering problems  of the  non-linear  intermediate long-wave equation,  Y.

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 55.    On  the  inverse  scattering of the  time-dependent  Schrodinger  equation  and  the  associated Kadomsev-Petviashvili  equation,   A.S.  Fokas  and  M.J.  Ablowitz,  Stud.   Appl.   Math.,  69 (1983) 211-228.

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62. Comments  on the inverse scattering transform and related non-linear,  evolution-equations, M.J.

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63. On a Backlund  transformation and scattering problem for the modified intermediate long-wave equation,  J. Satsuma, T.R.  Taha  and M.J.  Ablowitz,  J. Math.  Phys.,  25 (1984) 900-904.

64. Analytical  and numerical  aspects  of certain  nonlinear  evolution-equations.  I. Analytical, T.R.

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 67. On the inverse scattering transform of multidimensional nonlinear equations  related to 1
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 76.  An example  of a ¯ problem  arising  in a finite difference context:   Direct and  inverse problem for the  discrete  analogue  of the  equation  ψxx + U ψ = σψy , O. Ragnisco,  P.M.  Santini,  S. Chitlaru–Briggs and M.J.  Ablowitz,  J. Math.  Phys.,  28 (1987) 777-780.

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Articles denoted  by * are not contained  in web of knowledge data  base.

**This  article  plus  photos/videos taken  in Nuevo  Vallarta, Mexico by  MJA  and  Venice Beach, CA,  by  DEB,  was  featured  on  the  American  Physical  Society  (APS)  web  site:   APS  synopsis; subsequently it was identified  for a special focus article  in Physics  Today–November issue.  It also was  featured  by  the  American  Meteorological  Society  (Bulletin   January.–2013) and  was  picked up  by science news services:  ‘OurAmazingPlanet’–syndicated by many  news organizations; New Scientist;  NRC  Handelsblad:  the  largest  evening  newspaper  in Netherlands;;  National (U.S.A.)  Tsunami  Hazard  Mitigation  Program, plus others...   SIAM News requested  we write  an article  appropriate for applied  mathematicians This was subsequently published  in the June, 2013 issue of SIAM News.