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Solitons  and  the  Inverse  Scattering Transform, M.J.  Ablowitz  and  H. Segur,  SIAM Studies in Applied Mathematics, 425 pages, SIAM, Philadelphia, PA, 1981; translated into Russian and Japanese

Solitons, Nonlinear  Evolution Equations  and Inverse Scattering, M.J. Ablowitz and P.A. Clark- son, London Mathematical Society Lecture  Notes Series #149, 516 pages, Cambridge  Uni- versity  Press,  Cambridge, UK, 1991; reprinted by Beijing World  Press,  China,  2000.

Complex  Variables:   Introduction and  Applications,   Mark  J.  Ablowitz  and  A.S.  Fokas,  647 pages, Cambridge  University  Press, Cambridge, UK, 1997. Reprinted by Foundation Books, New Dehli 1998. Second Edition,  2003; Translated into Greek.

Discrete  and Continuous Nonlinear  Schr¨odinger Systems, M. J. Ablowitz B. Prinari and A. D. Trubatch, 258 pages, Cambridge  University  Press,  Cambridge, UK, 2004.

Nonlinear  Dispersive  Waves,  Asymptotic  Analysis  and  Solitons,  M.J.  Ablowitz,  Cambridge

University  Press,  Cambridge, UK, 2011.


Topics  in Soliton  Theory  and  Exactly Solvable Nonlinear  Equations,  Eds.  M.J.  Ablowitz,  B. Fuchssteiner and M.D. Kruskal,  World  Scientific, 324 pages, Singapore,  1987.

Nonlinear  Physics:  Theory  and Experiment.  II, Eds.  M.J.  Ablowitz,  M. Boiti,  F. Pempinelli and B. Prinari, World  Scientific, 421 pages, Singapore,  2003

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