(~2002) Above, with Peter Lax and my group at Boulder.

From left to right: T. Haut, M. Hoeffer, MJA,

D. Baldwin, P. Lax, C. Ahrens, T. Horikis.



Above Zeke, left at 2 (2019), at 1 (2018)

Above: Noah at 2 (2019)

Above: Sophie at 7 (2019)

Above: Levi at 5 (2019)

Above: Ben at 9 (2019)

Above Hannah at 12 (2019)

Above (2018) left to right: MJA, Noah2yrs,Sophie7yrs,

Enid, Zeke2yrs, Levi4yrs, Ben8yrs, Hannah11yrs

Above (2018) left to right family: Noah (GC), Jacob (S: son), Sophie(GC), Tati (DLaw), Jonathan (SLaw),Levi (GC), Stephanie(D), Zeke(GC), MJA,Enid(W),Todd(S), Ben(GC), Heidi(DLaw), Hannah(GC)

Giving a talk

(~2002) With B. Ilan (left) and A. Docherty (middle)

Summer at Gallipoli (~2002)

My family (~2004): (back) MJA, Heidi (Todd's wife), Todd (my son), Enid (my wife)

(front) Stephanie (my daughter), Jacob (my son).

My granddaughter Hannah(~2007, 1yr)


Enid (my wife) at Capri ~2014


Enid (my wife) with  (grandaughter) (~2006)


With my mother (~2010)


Enid (my wife) with Hannah (my granddaughter ~2009)


My grandchildren: Hannah and Benjamin (~2011)


With Hannah (my granddaughter) (~2011)



My family: MJA, Stephanie (my daughter), Enid(my wife),

Todd (my son), Jacob(my son)

From my daughter's wedding (~2009)

Todd (my son), Hannah (my granddaughter) and Heidi (Todd's wife) (~2008)

Jacob (my son) and Tatiana (Jacob's fiancee)


Jonathan (Stephanie's husband) and Stephanie (my daughter)




With T. Horikis, T. Simos and his wife at ICNAAM.


From left to right: S. Nixon, J. Curry, T. Haut, MJA, C. Curtis,

D. Baldwin, T. Horikis and Y. Zhu (~2008)


Honored at  ICNAAM.


My group in Boulder: (back) Y. Zhu, T. Horikis

(front) S. Nixon, MJA, D. Baldwin (~2008)


With Y. Zhu (~2008)


With T. Horikis (~2008)


With D. Baldwin (left) and S. Nixon (right) (~2008)

A curved `Y' wave in shallow water

Enid and Sophie (gdaughter ~2012)