Giving a talk

With Peter Lax and my group at Boulder.
From left to right: T. Haut, M. Hoeffer, MJA,
D. Baldwin, P. Lax, C. Ahrens, T. Horikis.


With B. Ilan (left) and A. Docherty (middle)


Summer at Gallipoli

My family: (back) MJA, Heidi (Todd's wife), Todd (my son), Enid (my wife)
(front) Stephanie (my daughter), Jacob (my son).

My granddaughter Hannah


Enid (my widfe) with Benjamin (my grandson).


Enid (my wife) at Capri.

With my mother.


Enid (my wife) with Hannah (my granddaughter).

My grandchildren: Hannah and Benjamin.


With Hannah (my granddaughter).

My family: MJA, Stephanie (my daughter), Enid(my wife),
Todd (my son), Jacob(my son)


From my daughter's wedding.

Todd (my son), Hannah (my granddaughter) and Heidi (Todd's wife).

Jacob (my son) and Tatiana (Jacob's fiancee).

Jonathan (Stephanie's husband) and Stephanie (my daughter)


With T. Horikis, T. Simos and his wife at ICNAAM.

Honored at  ICNAAM.


From left to right: S. Nixon, J. Curry, T. Haut, MJA, C. Curtis,
D. Boaldwin, T. Horikis and Y. Zhu

My group in Boulder: (back) Y. Zhu, T. Horikis
(front) S. Nixon, MJA, D. Baldwin.


With Y. Zhu.

With T. Horikis.

A curved `Y' wave in shallow water


With D. Baldwin (left) and S. Nixon (right).

Enid and Sophie