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I share several interesting links and talks from different issues. Some research sources also can downloaded. In contact you can see my work address and more contact information.

I'm grad student from Universidad de los Llanos. I got my Ph.D in 2015 in Universidad Nacional de Colombia. The details about me are available in biography section.

In this site also you can see about my master thesis and recently definition of phd thesis proposal. In publications there are several international and national publications in conferences and journals. In projects section I share information of several projects which I am related in different ways.

In this context, I share with different persons. Prof. Fabio Gonzalez (my advisor), Diana Cardona, Juan C. Caicedo, Jorge Camargo, John Arevalo, Andrea Rueda, Fabio Martinez, Jose Guillermo, Francisco Gomez and others from Bioingenium Research Group, MindLab Reseach Group, CIM@LAB, and CCIPD.

Angel Alfonso Cruz Roa, Eng, M.Sc, Ph.D Full-time professor - University of Los Llanos Email: aacruzr @ unal.edu.co / aacruz @ unillanos.edu.coTelephone: +57 8 6616800 Ext. 124http://orcid.org/0000-0003-3389-8913

Curriculum Vitae (CvLac)