4th Coventry Battery

"4th Warwicks (H) Battery RFA  - Nominal Roll, NCOs, Men and Addresses, 9 Dec. 1914"                               

mss found in the papers of Lt. Col. Frank West and transcribed here in its original form for the benefit of family and military historians.  O by a name shows someone for whom I may hold further information.

Rank Surname Fore No. Married Gun   Address             Notes


BSM   Cadden  G.  331         A     "63 Paynes Lane, Coventry"   

Sgt   Sherry  G.        M     A     6 Yardley St. Coventry  Time expired

Cpl   Shapcott P. 318         A     "23 King Edward Rd, Coventry"

Bombr Bull        214   M     A     "11 Ash Grove, Stoney Stanton Rd Coventry"

Bombr Laws        411         A     123 New George St. Coventry  

Bombr Miles       423   M     A     733 Stoney Stanton Rd Coventry not on ATT Roll

Bombr Phillips    225         A     "111 Church St, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire"

A/Bombr Hopkins   405         A     177 Spon St. Coventry   not on ATT Roll

A/Bombr Revere Alfred Joseph 207 A  120 Villiers St. Coventry                                                    died 25 September 1916

Saddler Hill      230         A          

Gnr   Adey        455   M     A     3 Ct S. H. Leicester St Coventry   

Gnr   Arnold      N.          A     5 Bilton Rd. Rugby      to England

Drv.  Askew       363         A     "79 Ragland St, Coventry"    

Gnr   Athersuch   228         A          

Drv   Bason       498         A     125 Grosvenor Rd Rugby 

Gnr   Brown J.    295         A     219 Walsgrave Rd Coventry    

Gnr   Carter T.   485         A     11 Lower Ford St. Coventry   

Drv   Clifford G.H. 505       A     "13 Manor Rd Millington, Warwick"  

Gnr   Coates      425         A     13 New St. Coventry     not on ATT Roll

Drv   Cotterill               M     A     58 Cox St. Coventry     reserve

Drv   Enser       201         A          

Gnr   Farrer                  A     5 King Richard St. Coventry   to England

Drv   Forrester   493         A     "917 Garacebe Road, Glasgow" 

Trumpeter Holt    240         A     "41 Harnall Lane East,Coventry" not on ATT                                                                        roll

Gnr   Lord        264         A     3 Court 3 H. Butts Coventry  

Drv   Nicholls    499   M     A     13 Tower St. Coventry   not on ATT roll

Drv   Potter      217   M     A     "57 Highfield St. Foles Hill, Coventry"  

Drv   Caudle                  A     "10 Sovereign Road, Butts, Coventry"                                                                     reserve

Gnr   Shipman                 A           reserve

Drv   Bidwell                 A           reserve

Gnr   Whitmore    487         A     104 Foles Hill Rd. Coventry  

Gnr   Wilson      261         A     8 Nelson Rd. Coventry  

Trumpeter   Wills             A     "5 Mill Terrace, Godiva St. Coventry"                                                           reserve

Drv   Yates C.    269         A     "3 London Road, Coventry"    

Drv   Yates P.    315         A     "3 London Road, Coventry"    

S.S.  Stanton     231   M     A     "Conduit Yard, Fleet St, Coventry" 

Hodson G.   255         A     shown on attached roll and now in this Battery

Goulding E. 317         A     shown on attached roll and now in this Battery

Gamble R.   529         A     shown on attached roll and now in this Battery                                                         

Bolton J.   497         A     shown on attached roll and now in this Battery 

Athersuch L.517         A     shown on attached roll and now in this Battery 

Harber V.   532         A     shown on attached roll and now in this Battery 

Holme G.    535         A     shown on attached roll and now in this Battery 

Liggins F.  541         A     shown on attached roll and now in this Battery 

Martin W.   545         A     shown on attached roll and now in this Battery 

OMiddleton P.546         A     shown on attached roll and now in this Battery 

Aswin A.    547         A     shown on attached roll and now in this Battery 

Rowley S.   552         A     shown on attached roll and now in this Battery 

Watts C.    559         A     shown on attached roll and now in this Battery 

Wood  W.    561         A     shown on attached roll and now in this Battery 

Lowe  W.    570         A     shown on attached roll and now in this Battery 

Judd  A.    571         A     shown on attached roll and now in this Battery 

Marshall E. 573         A     shown on attached roll and now in this Battery 

Miller J.   574         A     shown on attached roll and now in this Battery 

Bett  I [?] 208         A     shown on attached roll and now in this Battery 

Walker F.   580         A     shown on attached roll and now in this Battery 

Sergt Cluley            M    B   95 Cambridge St. Coventry  Time expired

Fu. Sergt   Stout       M    B  "10 Evelina Rd, Nunhead, London"  Reserve

Cpl.  Carr  253              B   93 Cambridge S.  Coventry 

Cpl S.S.Clarke 287      M    B   12 St. John's St. Coventry

Bombardier North H.     M    B   "18 Arden St. Earlsden, Coventry" Time expired

Bombardier Wills J.349  M    B      49 Cravens Rd. Coventry

Acting Bom  Fletcher 316     B      42 Howard St. Coventry 

Bombardier  Feltham 278      B      32 Cook St. Coventry   

Bombardier  Jones 292         B     43 Well St. Coventry   

Drv   Clarke F.   504         B     119 King Edward Rd. Coventry 

Gnr   Eales 233              B     70 Vernon St. Coventry 

GnrEllison              B     27 Bartlemount, Gt Horton, Bradford Munitions

Drv   Gillingham  232         B     "10 Osborne Rd, Earlsden, Coventry"

Gnr   Goode                   B           Reserve

Gnr   Jenkins     353         B     46 Craven St. Coventry 

Gnr   Johnson     224         B     "4 Leicester Causeway, Coventry"   

Drv   KimberleyC.       M     B     "Kingston Hill, Grt Baddow, Essex"  HQS

Drv   KimberleyE. 471         B     "36 Stanley Road, Earlsden, Coventry"    

Gnr   Morgan                  B     1 West St. Coventry     Reserve

Gnr   Moy         243         B     "25 Broomfield Place, Butts, Coventry"   

Drv   North A.    470   M     B     "24 Arden St. Earlsden, Coventry"  

Drv   Ormerod     289         B     "69 Stanley Rd, Earlsden, Coventry"

Gnr   Owen        235         B     "79 Harnall Lane East, Coventry"   

Drv   Saunders    506         B     23 Sherwood St. Wolverhampton

Drv   Shufflebotham           B     "61 Wyley Rd. Radford, Coventry"    Reserve

Drv   Smith S.G.  413   M     B     2 Union St. Rugby

Drv   Spreckley   255         B     15 Ashgrove, Stoney Stanton Rd. Coventry"

Drv   Stock                   B     20 Berkeley Rd. Earlsden,Coventry Discharged

Gnr   Tullett     496         B     "34 Stoke Park, Coventry" not on ATT Roll

Gnr   Turner      478         B     "15 Newdigate Road, Coventry"

Gnr   Ward        488         B     43 Palmerston Rd. Coventry   

Gnr   Webb  W.H.              B     244 Galson Rd. Coventry HQS

Gnr   Whittington             B     341 Stony Stanton Rd. Coventry      Reserve

Drv   Russell     267         B     5 George St. Coventry  

Gnr   Smith R.A.              B     Holyhead Rd. Coventry   Commission

Sgt   Heaton                  C     41 Swanswell St. Coventry     Am. Col.

Sgt   Mahers J.   283   M     C     "Kingston Hill, Gt Baddow, Essex"  

S. Sgt Sad. Patterson 513 M   C          

Cpl   Adrian      385         C     "96 George Eliot Road, Coventry"   

Cpl Whm Nice                  C     "Hickford Bridge, Colchester" Evacuated

Bombr Hibbert     344         C     "71 Kingsway, Coventry"

Bombadier Hickman             C     1 Ct. 8 H. Union St. Coventry Detached to

                                            14th Brigade died  9 April 1915

OAct. Bombr  Middleton 285     C     572 Foles Hil Rd.Coventry    

Bomdr Millington  209         C     "Irvine Dale, Earlsden Av. Coventry"

Drv   Buckley                 C     "8 Spon End, Coventry"  HQS

Gnnr  Bailey G.   473         C     "48a Deacon Rd. Willsden Green , London" 

Gnnr  Boller      367         C     21 Union St. Coventry  

Drv   Farmer      358         C     66 Harper St. Bedford  

OGnnr Field       378         C     49 Gas St. Coventry    [Charles Frederick Field. Service No. 314633, Royal Garrison Artillery.]

Drv   Gough                   C           Reserve

Gnnr  Hambridge   202         C     108 North St. Coventry 

Drv   Hammond     472         C          

Drv   Haydon                  C           Evacuated

Drv   Holloway                C     "32 Moor St. Earlsden, Coventry"    HQS

Gnnr  Harper                  C     "140 Jerningham Rd, New Cross, London N [sic]"  Evacuated

Gnnr  King  W.    374         C     "5 Herbert's Row, Galson Rd. Coventry"   

Gnnr  Lever       377         C     "54 Providence St. Earlsden, Coventry"   

Gnnr  Lewis R.    502         C     "16 Craven Road, Keighley, Yorks"  

Gnnr  Locke       479         C          

Gnnr  Moore                   C     31 Northumberland Rd. Coventry      Commission

Drv   North A.    470         C     "24 Arden St. Earlsden,Coventry"    Discharged

Gnnr  Pearsall    308   M     C     36 Humber Av. Coventry 

Drv   Rose        551   M     C     "32 Highfield Ct. Foles Hill, Coventry"  

Gnnr  Rushen      337         C     "318 Foles Hill Rd, Coventry"

Gnnr  Stephens    486         C     78 Northfield Rd. Coventry   

Drv   Taylor H.   507   M     C     479 Stoney Stanton Rd. Coventry    

Drv   Ward                    C     Walsgrave Rd. Coventry  Reserve

Drv   Webb  A.                C     King Edward Rd. Coventry      HQS [Walter Arthur 304 840207]

QMS   Johnson     293   M     D     121 Eagle St. Coventry 

Sgt   Smith S     398         D     22 Clarendon St. Coventry    

Sgt Whr Ladkin    220         D     7 Priory St. Coventry  

Cpl   Smith J     421         D     Leadendale House, Hardwick St.Newnham,


Bombr Ball        206   M     D     23 Gossforth St.Coventry     

S.S.  Courtier    306         D     50 Whitefriars St. Coventry  

S.S.  Martin      584         D     "4 Addison Terr. Bilton, Rugby"    

Drv   Abbott      501         D          

Gnnr  Arnold W.   490         D     80 Stratford St. Coventry    

Gnnr  Bache       494   M     D     "71 Moscow drive, Stoney Croft, Liverpool"     

Drv   Clifford J.             D           Evacuated

Gunnr Coe                     D     14 Briton St. Mexborough.Transferred RFC

Gunnr Collingborne            D     37 Lower Nelson St. Coventry.Transferred RFC

Gunnr Coleman     511         D          

Gunnr Coombes     239         D          

Gnr   Canwell     475         D     "49 Blythe St. Ladywood, Birmingham"     

Drv   Crofts      300         D          

Gnr   Elsworth J.             D     5 Avondale Rd. Coventry Reserve

Drv   ElsworthJ.  319         D     5 Avondale Rd. Coventry not on ATT Roll

Drv   Eyklebosch  241         D          

Gnr   Few         103         D     3 Worcester St. Rugby  

Gnr   Harvey      476         D     "North Cottage, Lilbourne Rd. Lowestoft" 

Drv   Knight      346         D     "51 Highfield St. Foles Hill, Coventry"  

Gnr   Mahers H.               D     54 Castle St. Coventry  HQS

Drv   Ransome     390         D     182 Wallsgrave Rd. Coventry  

Drv   Skidmore                D     136 Newcombe Rd. Coventry     Evacuated

Gnr   Spicer      Thomas      259         D     "42 Park Side, Coventry"

                                         Killed  Monday 31 January 1916

Drv   Stapleton               D           Reserve

Drv   Sykes       380         D     51 Spring Rd. Coventry 

Drv   Tatlow                  D     "144 Station St. East, Coventry"    Reserve

Gnr   Townley     258         D     "19 Crabmill Lane, Coventry" 

Gnr   Warner      419         D     "East End, Scaldwell, Northampton."

Drv   Langhorn    481         D     "Croft House, Grasmere, Westmoreland."



                                    Copyright Evelyn Wilcock 2003

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