Conference: Climate of Hope

We are aiming to make as much of the material used at the conference available as possible. If there is something that we haven't made available that you would like to have access to then please get in touch and we will try to get hold of it.

Keynote address: Sir John Houghton

  • Morning workshops:

    • Why climate change is hitting the poorest people hardest: Led by Ben Niblett (Tearfund) and Lindsey Pearson (Christian Aid). Why climate is such an urgent development issue. Sharing of ideas about how to get the message to our churches and communities.

    • Low Carbon: High Joy: Led by Rev. Mark Powley (Breathe) How do we change our lifestyles without becoming eco-pharisees? What difference could a distinctively Christian sense of grace, joy and hope make to our approach to climate change? How can we encourage each other to make bold changes, and can the church play a role?

    • Eco-congregations- Making churches part of the solution instead of the problem
      Led by David Hughes (A Rocha) and St Chad's Green Team. The workshop shared some ideas and stories about green churches and provided an opportunity to discuss the challenges and triumphs of persuading churches to take a lead in their communities. It particularly focused on eco-congregations, an A Rocha initiative which helps to 'green' every area of church life, from services and childrens work to buildings and finances

  • Afternoon workshops:

    • How to change the world: Led by Ben Niblett (Tearfund) and Lindsey Pearson (Christian Aid). Come and share ideas about how ordinary people can bring about very big changes through campaigning and lobbying.

    • How to combat climate scepticism: Led by Sir John Houghton and Dr John Lockwood. 
      After all the scientific advances of the 20th century, it was reasonable to expect that the 21st century would see reason and scientific truth triumph. This is not proving to be so, with an increasing abundance of superstition about subjects like climate change, resulting in a lack of security and hope. The reasons for this are discussed together with how Christians can combat it.
      • Audio recording 12.5MB (there are a few minutes where the microphone didn't make it to the person speaking)
      • Discussion paper. This was written by Dr John Lockwood for this workshop, and is entitled 
        'Superstition , Climate Scepticism and Christianity'

    • Low carbon church buildings 'ancient and modern'Led by Ewan Jones and Jenny Lawrie. Are you keen to reduce the carbon footprint of your church but unsure where to start? This workshop will give a crash course in spotting the best opportunities to have a positive impact, as well as addressing issues that are specific to church buildings. Please feel free to bring your own questions and experiences 
      to share.

    • Climate Change- does theology matter?: Led by Dr Paula Clifford (Christian Aid). This workshop explores approaches to climate change based on biblical and relational theology. We thought about how the theology we choose directs the response of Christian churches and communities.

Climate of Hope Proceedings

posted 13 Mar 2011, 23:36 by Ewan Jones

Thank you to all of you who came to Climate of Hope. We were greatly encouraged by the feedback we received. We will be making resources from the day available as soon as possible. This should include recordings of some of the day, presentation files and handouts.

We are also hoping to hear from any of you who may have questions or suggestions arising from the day or related issues. These can be delivered either through the contact us page or publicly on one of our discussion forums.

Climate of Hope website launched

posted 24 Oct 2010, 00:02 by Ewan Jones

The website for the Climate of Hope conference has been launched. Click on the words Climate of Hope to be directed to the website and keep up to date with our plans. We will be adding details of the day, as well as a sign-up form where you can tell us which of the workshop events you would like to go to.

4C Conference name chosen: Climate of Hope

posted 28 Sep 2010, 13:12 by Ewan Jones

The name for our conference was chosen at our meeting on 27th September. The name was selected from all of the suggestions entered though our website and at the Network Leeds Connect event. The winning entry was "Climate of Hope" the winner will be thanked with a box of fairtrade chocolates.

Our publicity campaign will begin soon. An online signup form will also be added here shortly where you may register your interest and let us know which of the workshop sessions you would like to attend during the day. Watch this space...

4C Conference 2011

posted 10 Sep 2010, 22:50 by Ewan Jones   [ updated 28 Sep 2010, 13:12 ]

4C are in the process of organising a conference to encourage and equip churches to act on climate change. We have already secured Sir John Houghton as a keynote speaker and will have workshops run by Tearfund, Christian Aid and Arocha among many others.

The venue for this exciting event will be South Parade Baptist Church and we are keen to welcome anyone who is interested. The date of this event is to be the 12th March 2011.

We ran a competition to decide the name for this conference. Thank you to all who entered the winning name was selected at our meeting on the 27th of September.

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