Specific Hike Details

Region #1: Hiking in the Appenzells.
(July 27): hike up from Wasserauen to the Berggasthaus-Aescher.
Wandermap.net (topog map and route tracing. Ebenalp in Appenzell  near Wasserauen

Switzerland's Appenzell is a region whose forte is cow culture rather than staggering peaks. Its only famous peak,
Säntis, is a modest 8,200 feet high. For a fun angle on alpine culture, go five miles south of Appenzell town to Wasserauen. Ride the lift (or hike) to the top of nearby Ebenalp. From its summit, enjoy a sweeping view of a major chunk of Switzerland. Then hike down about 15 minutes to a prehistoric cave home (its tiny museum is always open). Wander in and through until you reach a narrow, sunny ledge. Perched here is the Wildkirchli, a 400-year-old cave church that housed hermit monks from 1658 to 1853.

Nearby is :
Berggasthaus Aescher, 071-799-1142:   CH=9057 weissbad AI  oder 071 799 14 49  info@aescher-ai.ch,
a 170-year-old guest house built precariously into the cliff. Originally a hut housing farmers, goats, and cows, it evolved into a guest house for pilgrims coming to the monks for spiritual guidance. Today, Berggasthaus Aescher welcomes tourists, offering cheap dorm beds and hot, hearty plates of
Rösti. The guest house has only rainwater and no shower. Friday and Saturday nights sometimes have great live music, but are often crowded and noisy, with up to 40 people, and parties going into the wee hours. Monday through Thursday you'll normally get a small, woody dorm to yourself. The hut is actually built into the cliff; its back wall is the rock itself. From the toilet, you can study this alpine architecture. Sip your coffee on the deck, sheltered from drips by the gnarly overhang 100 feet above. A fun drawer is filled with an alpine percussion section, and the piano in the comfortable dining/living room was brought in by helicopter. Leave a note in the guest book, which goes back to 1940. It's run by Claudia and Beny Knechtle-Wyss and their five children. They also keep 35 sheep, 20 rabbits, five chickens, three pigs, and a dog.
    • 170 years old. 3 dorm rooms, 1 toilet, no shower, water collected from cistern. Great Roesti, wurst and view.
    • Gondola to Santis summit:  from Schwagalp  (from Wasserauen -> train: 30 min, 8 stops -> bus: 10 min)
    • Hike: Wasserauen -> Santis Summit -> Wildhaus: then ->  BUS (Wildhaus) -> Buchs (38 min) -> Oberriet (28 min), then meet for car for pickup.
Reg2: Hiking in the upper Engadin.

ROUTE (17 miles) : Chapella -> Kesch Hut -> Bergun (through hike)

(.kmz file, light orange route, and dark blue route)

Car/Train (10 min) to Chapella (1700m) -> Kesch Hut (2625m) -> Bergun (1300m). This is a long thru-hike. Could stay at Kesch hut, but I’m quite certain we can push all the way thru.

Total Distance: 17 mi (27km)

Distance Breakdown:

  • Chapella (1650m) -> KeschHut (2625m)
    about 3500 ft elev gain
    15km (about  9 mi)  |  (est. 4.5 - 5.5 hrs)

  • Kesch Hut (2625m) -> Bergun (1300m)
    12km (7.5mi)  |   (est. 3 hr, much downhill)


Drive 9km to Chapella or Susauna: (1650m)

  • 3 mi to Alp Pignain (1878m)

  • 2 mi to  Alp Funtauna (2190m)

  • 2 mil to JCT Alp Funtauna (2430m)

  • 1 mi to  Kesch Hut (2625m)

  • Eat lunch at Kesch Hut (2625m)

  • 2.5 mi to JCT Alp Diglchants (1950m)

  • .5 mi to Chants(1935m)

  • 4.5 mi to Bergun (1300m)

From Bergun: take bus or train back to LaPunt

  • Or drive in 26 minutes (23 km)

ROUTE (9 miles) : Es-Cha Hut Loop from LaPunt

(on .kmz file: light green lines for route)

Total Distance:  11 miles (17 km)

Route To:

  • LaPunt (1700m)

  • 1 mi to  Madulain (1700m)

  • 1.8 mi to Es-cha Dadour (2060m)

  • .5 mi to INT -> stay  right

  • 1.5 mi to  Es-cha Hut (2600m)

Return Route:

  • Es-cha Hut (2600m)

  • .5 mi west  to Jct Es-cha-Kesch; keep SW

  • 1 mi to JCT Albula-Dadour; then head NE

  • 1.5 mi  to INT Es-cha-Dadour

  • .5mi to Es-cha Dadour

  • 1.8mi to Madulain

  • 1 mi to LaPunt

Kesch Hut Information

Ursina Barandun

Hauptstrasse 134

7482 Bergün

Hütte +41 (0) 81 407 11 34

Bergün +41 (0) 81 407 16 97

Mobile +41 (0) 79 235 00 57


Coordinates: 786'550 / 168'870

Kesch Hut to Es-cha Hut via Alp Plazbi : Probably rule out this option
Distance: 14 km (9 mi, suggested 4.5 to 6 hours).    Route:  Descend from Kesch Hut (2625m) -> Alp digl Chants (1999 m) -> Val Plazbi -> Fuorcla Pischa (2871m) -> Es-cha-Hut (2594 m )
a few potential sticky parts on this trail