Daily Log and Notes

Fri, Aug 19: Fly Zurich to home

posted Aug 21, 2011, 1:16 PM by Barry Jahn

Stayed at FlyAway Hotel in Zurich last night, and returned rental car.
  • 8am shuttle to airport.
    • Went through security and customs quickly, and at correct terminal in about 1 hour.
  • US Airways SUCKS. Never again. Delayed 3 hours in Philadelphia on way over.
    • Delayed 3 hours in Zurich. Then they fly to Ireland to re-fuel. Ridiculous.
    • Land in Philadelphia to catch connecting flight. Bad weather.
      • Delayed 3 more hours. Actually on run-way to take off, but 10th in line. Since we hit 3 hours on tarmac, law says they have to get out of line and return to terminal. 
        • We de-boarded, and re-boarded 30 minutes later, then got back in line for takeoff.
    • Arrived home at 1am in the morning (instead of 9pm).  Very, long day.
  • On a positive note. At least I didn't have to sit by this gentleman again. Fully 1 1/3 seats (forget about putting down the arm rest separator). My option was to take another flight if I wished. 

Thr, Aug 18: Glarus (Vorauen) -> Glarnisch Hutte

posted Aug 21, 2011, 1:06 PM by Barry Jahn   [ updated Aug 21, 2011, 1:29 PM ]

Last day before leaving for home. 
Hike to Glarnisch Hutte
  • Vorauen (850m) 2790'
  • Follow Chlii River and Rossmatter Chlii (valley) to Chascren (1219m)
  • Then ascend switchbacked trail up to Glarnisch Hutte (1990m) 6500'.
    • Ascended 3700' in 2 hr 20 min.  Legs really strong, not really needing any rest.
      • Hot and humid, so worst day for sweat and needed a lot of ongoing hydration.
  • While descending, only major accident/incident on the trip.
    • Lee stumbled some how and went down hard (into glacial creek about 10' below the trail)
      • Shin swelled like a lemon, and popped open nice smile on knee cap.
      • Ran glacial water over shin, elevated, and compressed with elastic wrap. Swelling subsided within about 15 minutes, and no broken bones.
      • Butterflied the smile-cut on his knee, and he hobbled on out.
      • BJ ran 2.5 miles back down the trail to the car and drove it back to within a miles of Lee.
    • Other than a little bruised up, all is healing well a day later.

Summary: 7,400' +/-.  Just over 10 miles.

Wed., Aug 17: climbed Vorder Glarnisch

posted Aug 21, 2011, 12:58 PM by Barry Jahn

Drove to end of lake and up narrow road to plateau, locating the trail head at the end of a farmers field at the base of the mountain.
  • Parked car at Hinter Saggberg (1056m) : 3440'
  • Trail head predicted about 4 hours to summit (2327m) 7634'
    • Took us right at 3 hours, as we're pretty fit at this point of time. 
    • Interesting trying to predict the climbing route. 
    • Ascended alongside of 10 sets of water falls, as the trail paralleled them to the summit ridge.
    • Several sketchy rails/steps with large drop-offs, but weather cooperated, so no issues.
    • Wonderful views at top looking down at Glarus and all the way down the valley, as well as the full Glarus mountain range and our lake below.

Tue, Aug 16: travel day. Kandersteg -> Glarus

posted Aug 21, 2011, 12:53 PM by Barry Jahn

Traveled from Kandersteg -> Interlachen -> Altdorf -> Glarus. Took about 4 hours.
  • Stopped in Altdorf for lunch. Home of "William Tell", so viewed the statue and history of the area.
  • Drove up narrow valley to end of the Klontalersee (lake) to a tiny community called Vorauen.
    • Outdoor campground and several buildings, including Gasthof Vorauen (where we stayed).
    • Nice views of Vorder Glarnisch (the peak we wish to climb tomorrow).

Mon., Aug 15: Adelboden -> Kandersteg

posted Aug 21, 2011, 12:46 PM by Barry Jahn

Drive from Kandersteg -> Frutigen -> Adelboden 
  • Dropped off Barry and Ian (the Scottish professor) to hike back over pass to Kandersteg
    • 1700m (5580') up to pass at 2317m (7600')
      • Felt strong and less than 2 hrs to ascend.
    • Then back down toto Kandersteg at 1200m (3900').
      • Crossed several swollen falls/streams without much issue
Summary: 6000' +/-; just over 9 miles.
  • We to organ concert in 400 yr old tiny church. Acoustics off angled, ornate wooden ceiling superb. 

Sun, Aug 14: Griesalp -> Hohturli Pass -> Kandersteg

posted Aug 14, 2011, 10:08 AM by Barry Jahn

Back to back long days
  • Weather forecast was possible storms by early afternoon, so got a good early start
  • Golderli (1440m): 4700'
  • Up the valley to Bundalp (1840m)
  • Then up the steeper parts (rails and steps at the end) to Hohturli Pass (2778m): 9115'
  • Short climb up to Blumlisalp Hutte (2840m): 9317'
    • Just over 4400 feet elev gain in 2 hrs 40 minutes.
      • Suggested time was 4 hrs 20 minutes.
    • Hit hutte ahead of potential storm, so stopped in for suppe and bread. Great pics up here.
    • Pace was very steady, and other than a nice sweat, the legs just powered up.
    • We met a professor from Scotland the day before, so we ascended with him.
      • Ian Fraser, Univ. of Stirling. Dept acct.  57 yrs old and very fit.
  • Descended from Blumlisalp Hutte (9300') to Kandersteg (3900') by 2pm.
    • Around 5500' drop over 6 miles. Everyone's legs held up fine. A few hot spots on our feet.
  • Lee has had a bad tooth ache for several days and our pain pills are no longer working. Need to find a dentist. 
    • The lady who owns the place where we stayed contacted a dentist she knew. Not bad for a Sunday when everything is shut down. 
    • Dentist loaded him with antibiotics and said to tough it out and see home physician/dentist.
Over 10,000 feet elev (+/-) in 10 miles. Only sprinkled a few drops along the way.

Sat, Aug 13: Murren -> Sefinenfurgge Pass -> Griesalp

posted Aug 14, 2011, 10:03 AM by Barry Jahn   [ updated Aug 14, 2011, 10:08 AM ]

Long, wonderful, sunny day.
  • Left by 8am from Murren (1835m): 6000'
  • Route via Rotstock Hutte, then up the steep Sefinenfurgge Pass (2612m): 8600'
  • Lunch at pass
  • Descended to Bundstag (1488m)-> then to Golderli (1440m): 4700'
  • Legs rock solid and other than working up a good sweat, no issues.
  • Met Frank here, as he dropped off Steve at the Zurich airport.
    • Frank parked the car over at Kandersteg, then took the train/bus and hiked up to meet us
    • Plan is to hike over the Hohturli pass tomorrow, to Kandersteg
9+ miles; over 7000 elev (+/-) in 5 1/2 hours.  

Fri, Aug 12: Lauterbrunnen up to Murren

posted Aug 14, 2011, 9:57 AM by Barry Jahn

Easy day to rest legs.
  • Frank and Steve dropped Lee and I off down at Lauterbrunnen (796m).
  • Hiked up fairly steep hill side to Murren (1645m). 
    • Lunch in town, then hike 600m up to Pension Sonnenberg.
    • Had entire top floor to ourself !!!
    • Great pics from our window of the Monch and Jungfrau. 
      • Could almost reach out and touch them.
    • Owner: Steve Ambiel. Born and raised in the region, with breaks as a surfer in California
      • He's a professional photographer and showed us many of his pics. 
      • Not uncommon for him go to hiking in this region from 10pm to 3 or 4 am.
      • His website is:  www.murren.ch/sonnenberg
    • He's a great cook (chef by trade), and we had a wonderful 4-course meal. 
  • Good nights rest for two hard days of hiking.

Thr, Aug 11 Grindewald: Schynige Platte

posted Aug 14, 2011, 9:53 AM by Barry Jahn

Train from Grindewald to Wilderswill
  • Cog train up to Schynige Platte (1967m): 6450'
  • 2 hr 45 to Faulhorn (2681m): 8800'
  • lunch on top, then hike down to Bachalpsee (2265m)
  • Then descend to Waldspitz -> Bort -> and  back to Grindewald (1034m): 3500'
  • Beautiful, sunny day. Lots of photos
over 5300' descending.
over 8000' +/- elev over 12.5 miles.  A little over 6 hrs (with breaks)

Wed., Aug 10: Ballenberg outdoor museum

posted Aug 10, 2011, 10:33 AM by Barry Jahn   [ updated Aug 14, 2011, 10:27 AM ]

Chur to Interlachen.
  • Arrived at Interlachen by noon and went to the Hertz rental to add Frank as a 2nd driver. He'll be dropping Steve off at Zurich in a few days.
  • Drove to the outdoor Ballenberg Museum. Spent about 4 hours touring all the historic structures. This is a must stop for anyone visiting the area.
Drove up to Grindewald and checked into the Naturfreundhaus for several nights. Resting up for several days of good hiking. Weather incredible !!!!

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