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You have two options for receiving your purchased materials.

1) The file(s) will be delivered to you via Postal Service in electronic format on either a data formatted CD or DVD depending on the size of the files. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE PRINTED MANUALS.

2) The file(s) will be made available to you for immediate download if you wish, by you creating a Google Account and by me allowing you to see the content within the Google Cloud Storage. You can then download the files as you would normally any other digital file. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE PRINTED MANUALS.

QUALITY (Check out samples HERE )

The files themselves are HIGH RESOLUTION SCANS OF THE ORIGINALS packaged in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) has been applied to aid in searching large documents (for example, the 1200 page Master Chassis Parts Books). The CD or DVD distributed is in Microsoft Windows format (sorry Mac/Linux folks). However, the PDF files themselves are universal format and can be viewed with free reader software. I have personally seen some of the other reprints/cd's out there, and my scans are of the highest quality compared to others because I used factory printed originals and I carefully scanned each page, ONE BY ONE to ensure the best quality.


Some reasons include (1) you can search the documents for keywords or part numbers quicker than you can by thumbing through a printed copy, and (2) you can print relevent pages for the project you are working on, dirty it up, throw it away and print another copy whenever you need it. No need to ruin your original with greasy fingerprints or spills.


Books initially copyrighted in the US from 1923 through 1963 are still protected by copyright law if the initial copyright was renewed. The initial copyright term was 28 years and the renewal was 67 more years. For example, a book initially copyrighted in 1923, and renewed, will pass into the public domain in 2019 (i.e., 1923+28+67+1). These "1956" manuals would have copyright expire in 1984 unless renewed. Renewals are checked at Stanford's "Copyright Renewal Database". If labeled as "CLEAR", then no copyright renewal is on file for the document. If labeled as "RENEWED", then the copyright holder has filed for copyright extension. Where applicable, ALL respective credits and respective benefits of Copyright for such works remain with the respective original authors and/or copyright Owners.


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I ship orders no later than 2 days of receiving payment (usually quicker). Transit times are estimates only and are not guaranteed by the Postal services.


Years ago, I was so tired of never finding the information I needed for my 1956 Buick. Since then, I have acquired a large collection of rare and out-of-print information as it relates primarily to 1956 Buicks. Some from estate sales, some from old Dealerships, some from old mechanics. Some items are so rare, I have only seen one in existence (and I own it!). I have taken great care to individually scan at high resolution each manual, advertisement, image, mailer, and ephemera that I have acquired over the span of nearly 10 years. If you are restoring a 1956 Buick, this information is priceless. Much of the information is applicable to 1953, 1954, 1955 Buicks, as well as some Cadillacs, Oldsmobile and Pontiacs of that same year range.


My email address is rsbudd-AT-gmail-DOT-com. Feel free to contact me at any time.


No returns accepted once package is opened. Once you have the product in hand, issuing a refund would be pointless as you have the software/files – and that’s the value of the item here. If you feel that a product you have purchased is wholly misrepresented or factually incorrect, contact me and we will discuss the issue. Your satisfaction is important to me, and is reflected in my good standing in the Buick community, Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA), and the Buick Club of America (BCA).