My Restoration Photos

For years (literally) I've been poking along getting this 1956 Buick Super taken apart, fixed/cleaned and put back together. I'm still in the first two phases. I take numerous photos along the way, in an effort to document what I'm doing (so I can put it all back together again!), and to share with fellow enthusiasts. I have the photos broken down by years below. These are links to Picasa web albums that I've uploaded to and made public. They are linked in here to this Google Site, and you can then traverse over to the individual photos and zoom in and look closer. I've uploaded all the photos in high resolution.

Link to all the albums is here: Picasa Photo Albums

Update Sept 2016 -- been busy starting up a new company, new products, etc. -- not much time to work on the Buick. She's still here, I'm still here, still get lots of emails from folks every month -- so don't fret, she'll get finished someday when life calms down a bit !