Full Site Access

You will notice that portions of this site are not publicly available. This is by design and purpose. Please feel free to browse the Online Store section of the web site. You can choose to pay one lump sump for all contents of the website, or to purchase only those individual items that you may need for your restoration..

I want Full Access ($75 USD)

You may ask "why pay for access ?" or "why buy these manuals ?"

Good question. If you are a mid 50's Buick owner, and you are fixing/restoring or otherwise enjoying your ride, you will find many items of benefit on my site.

  1. You'll have access to some very rare literature and manuals that are specific to 1956 Buicks.
  2. Larger Catalogs and Service Manuals are scanned in high resolution and processed with optical character recognition allowing them to be printed out as many times as you wish *OR* you can search keywords efficiently on your local computer.
  3. You can print out relevant diagrams, get them greasy while working on your car, and simply reprint again a clean copy when you need it. No more soiling/ruining of original manuals !
  4. Imagine having a portable Master Chassis or Body Parts catalog next time you are at a swap meet, and you want to verify a part number you are about to buy. If you've downloaded one of my scanned and searchable PDF copies of the manual, you can do that on a laptop or iPhone right there where you are standing.
  5. The one time cost of the manuals are far, far outweighed by the time and value of the materials available to you on our favorite subject, 1956 Buicks.
  6. You can download or copy the manuals to your local computer and you will always have a copy of them, regardless of whatever happens to me. No different than buying those same manuals for much, much more $$ on eBay.
  7. The quality of scans I perform are markedly better than what you find from the other online vendors. This is because I personally hand scan each page from an ORIGINAL manual-- not some copy of a copy (of a copy) that'd you'd get from other places. This is the real deal. The scanned photos & diagrams are sharp copies of originals-- and I have all the originals right here in my office.