About Me

My name is Robert Budd. I work in the Information Technology field. I have a 1956 Buick. I am restoring this Buick (albeit, sloooowllyy). I have a website here that is dedicated to 1956 Buick's. It's all that simple ...

So … I have never restored a car before in my life. Ever. When other guys in school were talking about this engine or that transmission, waxing their cars every weekend -- I was out taking care of all those girls they were neglecting. :) Cars just weren't my thing. As you grow older though, things change -- life happens, we grow up, our interests and our hobbies change. Right now, for me -- learning to restore a car has become my #1 hobby. I read, I try, I do, and I learn....and then I read some more and try some more. For the record, I've broken and screwed up more parts than you could fathom-- and I don't care. I've also learned to mend, weld, fix, paint, powder coat, repair, rebuild, un-install, re-install and re-beautify more pieces and parts than I ever thought possible. You can see some of my photos of the parts I’ve restored and things I’ve rebuilt. I’m getting better and better as the years go on. It is a fantastically rewarding hobby to take something that most folks would throw away and return it back to as-new (sometimes better than new) condition.

Time waits for no man, and as for me, the priorities of being a husband and a father will always take precedence over this hobby. While I absolutely enjoy working on Bessie (as my oldest daughter has named our Buick), I don't wish my kids or wife to think some hunk of metal is more important than they are. I balance it out, and make time when I can --usually a weekend here or there in between the chaotic life of raising kids. There's no big rush-- I've got time..., I’m still fairly young in my mid-40's50's, and the important thing is, I have my car!. This website helps with organizing and learning as much possible about my Buick.

As you can imagine, this car is very special to me. What's so special about this car? This car is about never giving up. Click on "The Car" link to read the rather interesting story behind me and this particular car (the actual car I had in High School).