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I can be reached at rsbudd@gmail.com

I get questions about 1956 Buicks from all over the world. While I am deeply flattered that folks think I actually know what I'm talking about on this subject-- truth is, I'm not much different than you! I just happen to have a website, technical skills, lots of old manuals, an understanding wife (usually...) and such. I do know my way around a 1956 Buick pretty well, and you are certainly welcome to ask me questions-- but be prepared to check what I tell you with your local mechanic, Buick Club, etc. I'm not a mechanic, and I don't play one on TV. I know lot's of trivia about 1956 Buicks, lots of facts too, but I don't know everything! I'm only a marginal excuse for a so called "expert", and I'll do my best to either tell you fact, or point you in the right direction to go get the facts.

The right direction is usually by way of the AACA Buick forums. Go there and talk with the old guys. It's what I do (good group of friendly folks too, I might add). http://forums.aaca.org/ Some of those guys and gals have been around since these Buick's were NEW, and worked on the actual assembly lines in Flint. If I don't know the answer, and they don't know the answer-- well, you are SOL pal. I haven't seen a mystery go unsolved with these folks, so be polite, log in, ask your questions, and don't forget to post a thank you when you get your answer ! They're always up for an interesting challenge.