Our Trustees & Governance

How We Are Governed

SEWREC is governed by a strong board of local people (described as trustees by charity law and as directors by company law) who are responsible for 'the systems and processes concerned with ensuring the overall direction, effectiveness, supervision and accountability of an organisation'. ACEVO

Sean Wharton, Chair

SEWREC’s board members are deliberately drawn from a wide range of ethnic, religious, age and professional backgrounds. We maintain a good mix of long-standing members and members who have joined more recently (2 years or less). This gives SEWREC:

  • A broad range of viewpoints
  • A better understanding of the experiences of different parts of the communities that we serve
  • Access to a wide range of skills
  • Continuity and fresh ideas

The charity makes a clear distinction between the roles of governance and operational management (which paid managers are responsible for), but understands the need to ensure that trustees have a genuine understanding of the charity’s work and that their skills are genuinely applied for the benefit of the charity. Our governance model is built on four elements:

Formal Board Meetings

These take place bi-monthly at the offices of SEWREC (dates are set in advance and alternate between Mondays and Tuesdays to ensure that people with other commitments can still attend frequently).

Steering Groups

The largest of our projects always have a steering group made up of managers and stakeholders and are always chaired by a board member.


SEWREC’s open recruitment policy ensures that the selection panel is always made up of at least three people: one manager, one board member and one external member.

Open Door Policy

Board members are encouraged to visit the office regularly, need not make an appointment to do so and are encouraged to spend time talking to staff over a cup of tea or coffee to promote transparency

Our Trustees

Sean Wharton, (Chair)

Vernesta Cyril OBE (Vice-chair)

Joanne Smith, JP

Marilyn Bryan-Jones

Mubarak Ali

Kebba Manneh, Esq JP

Kate Haywood

Cllr. David Daniels