BME Communities & the Welsh Language

Date: Monday 19 March 2018 | Time: 10am - 3pm | Trainer: Menter Iaith Casnewydd and SEWREC

As public bodies are looking for more and more Welsh speaking staff there are more and more opportunities for Welsh speakers, but relatively few people from Minority Ethnic backgrounds are ready to take advantage of this opportunity.

Find out more about:

  • The real Welsh language
  • Opportunities to learn Welsh for adults and children
  • Why speaking Welsh means better job prospects and higher earning opportunities

Coleg Gwent, Newport City Council, Menter Iaith Casnewydd and SEWREC are working together to raise awareness among community groups and organisations working with BME people of the real Welsh language, its history and more importantly the way that it is being used today.

Join us for a day of discussion, learning and sharing at Community House (Eton Road) on 19th March 9.30am-3.30pm, including lunch.

Book your place here:

Yr Iaith Gymraeg a Chymunedau BAME