Welcome to CLE/CLC!

From grade 10 to grade 12, you will be developing a portfolio to show the evolution of your career path. Use this website as a guide to creating your digital portfolio. Each page here includes resources, article links, videos, reflection questions, assignments and projects. Each grade has a page, and units for each grade are linked on each grade's page. Each Unit page represents one unit and contains much of what you will need to complete the work in this course. Important discussions, guest speakers and real life stories will be shared in class and are non-repeatable, so attendance is mandatory, but if you miss a day for any reason, you will be able to catch up on work by visiting this site and working on your latest assignment. Alternate assignments for missed days are at the discretion of your teacher.

Digital Portfolios

You will use Google Sites and your school email to login and create a site that is modeled after this one, with one page for each unit of CLE/CLC in each grade until graduation. You will use the share button at top to make sure that I can access your work for marking purposes. You may share your work with group mates and partners as well. Students who do a good job on their sites may wish to link them to their resume or include them in their scholarship and post-secondary school applications.

Your digital portfolio and final interview are worth 30% of your mark. You will complete all assignments, reflections and projects and upload them to your site on the appropriate page. Each of your pages (all of your assignments) will be completed by the deadlines posted on this page, so check back often to make sure you're keeping up. It is recommended that you put deadlines into your phone's calendar app and set notifications to remind you of when your work is due. I recommend at least two notifications, a week in advance, and the day before. As this course is meant to help you transition into adulthood, your work habits are very important, as is your increasing independence and responsibility. Students are expected to meet deadlines, submit all assignments, and communicate with their teacher.

For Parents

We encourage you to be involved in the discussions this course might generate. Please check in with your child regularly and ask them to show you their site and progress. If you are unsure what your child should be doing, or if they will miss some school, check this site for details.

You can use their portfolio site as a means of generating meaningful discussions about their transition into adulthood. You can also use it to ensure they are meeting deadlines and completing work that is of the best quality.

Grade 12 - CLC Capstone Project

The Capstone Project will summarize your final years as a student at SOSS. You will have explored, researched and created a career and life plan and you will share it with members of our school community. This website allows you to save your work and have one organized place to store it all. At the beginning of your grade 12 year, Ms. Smith will outline the expectations for your grad requirements. See Ms. Smith for further details.

Submitting Work

To submit an assignment:

  1. Create a page for each unit. Unit titles should match the titles on this page. The Grade 12 project is in part a polished, updated and completed version of the page you create in Grade 10.

  2. On the appropriate page, add text boxes and images, or upload videos (use YouTube embed codes) to complete reflections. Be sure to include a text box with a title for all assignments. Reflections will be marked out of 5 for quality, depth, and personal relevance.

  3. Access assignment and project instructions from the appropriate unit on this site. Use the navigation tabs at top right of this site to find what you need. Assessment criteria are included on assignment sheets.

  4. Upload any digital files to your site. Posters will need to be photographed clearly - if I can't read the text, I can't mark it! Posters may be submitted to me in person, but a digital image should be uploaded as well.

  5. Most assignments can be completed in any format: videos, speeches, posters, slideshows, skits, songs, etc; can all be used, but should meet the requirements of the assignment. Consider matching your format to the assignment - not all formats are a good fit for all assignments!

  6. I will mark work at the posted deadlines. If it isn't posted, your work can't be marked. You are responsible for managing your time - you're nearly an adult, and employers need people who are responsible and good at time management.

How to Publish Your Site and Update Permissions

  1. Create site using Google Sites. Access your site through your Google Drive. It is recommended that you use Chrome as your browser since it is most compatible with Google software.

  2. Create website content. All changes to your site will save in real time, but content will not be viewable until you hit publish!!! The publish button is at the top left of your screen.

  3. Ensure all documents and files have permission granted to viewers in our district with the link. To do so, open the original file, use the share button, click advanced, then ensure privacy settings are set to allow users in SD53 with a link. If you do not do this, your files will not be visible when you publish!