SD48 Enhancing Student Learning

A Message from our Board of Education:

Our education plan, Pathways to Learning, was collaboratively developed in 2012, and has been a gratifying success. In the past six years, we have seen our Indigenous and special education graduation rates soar, our overall graduation rate grow in similar fashion, our grade-to-grade transition rates improve significantly, and our suspension rates drop precipitously. More of our students are staying in school for engaging learning and then graduating with much-improved life chances.

But after six years, it has been important that we ask ourselves, “What else do we know about our students and how might we support them in making even greater gains?” To this end, we recently embarked on an Education Plan Refresh Process. As in 2012, this has involved multiple partners working together to examine community input, student data and research. We are very excited about the resulting refreshed plan which includes these notable key elements:

Diversity is a strength

Inclusion is a right

Personalization is the way forward

Pathways to Learning is much more than a document. The key elements guide our actions, including budgeting, staffing, staff training and, of course, instruction. They are intended to inspire great learning and you should hold us accountable for that.

The ideas represented in these plans are yours – the result of extensive consultation with hundreds of stakeholders. We invite you to ask our staff or students about the learning in our schools and around our communities. We have every confidence that with this plan to guide us, our students will, as our District vision suggests…love to learn here!

SD48 Strategic Plan Six Year Development Process:

A highly collaborative process was established in 2012 for the development of the original Education Plan: Pathways to Learning. This process included a wide reaching survey for large scale community input and student voice to describe where they wanted the district to go with student learning. A group of educational partners, including parents, teachers, Indigenous community members, trustees, district staff, and principals were convened to make meaning out of the input toward a new Education Plan which they elected to name Pathways to Learning. 

In 2018, the Strategic Plan went through a refresh process. A survey was sent out again to all partner groups. Then a group of educational partners, including parents, teachers, students, Indigenous community members, trustees, district staff, and principals were convened to work through a triangulation process of research, district data, and community input to “refresh” Pathways to Learning.

School Learning Plan Review Cycle

Annually, each School Learning Plan (SLP) team engages with their students, parents, and staff to review and adjust their School Learning Plan. School staff include Indigenous Support Workers and a Shared Learning Teacher (one teacher per school working with the Indigenous Education Department one time per month) representatives. Each year, the line directors of the school meet with the administrative team to collaborate toward alignment of the SLP with the District Education Plan. Also, each year, the Board of Education and senior leadership of the district meet with the SLP team in order to evaluate the progress of the plan.

SD48 Enhancement Agreement Review Cycle

The District Principal of Indigenous Education annually reviews the current year progress of the SD48 Enhancement Agreement with the SD48 Indigenous Education Committee, composed of teachers, principals, Indigenous Support Workers, and First Nation representatives from each local Nation. An adjusted plan is created and then brought to the SD48 Indigenous Education Council. The Council then makes a recommendation through to the Board of Education.

SD48 Strategic Plan Annual Review Process

Board Policy 101: Board of Education Strategic Planning outlines the SD48 process for an aligned education plan, school learning plans, and service plans, at all levels within our school district. The policy also outlines the decision making process for resource allocation for the district. The SD48 Education plan will be monitored annually. Each year the Board will approve the Framework for Enhancing Student Learning report to the Ministry of Education.