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SIFEshare is an interactive professional learning network designed to support educators in NYC Public Schools as they build strong learning communities with SIFE (Students with Interrupted/Inconsistent Formal Education).

Link to SIFEshare

Scaffolded Core Curriculum Units for MLs/ELLs

To support the equitable and inclusive instruction of MLs and ELLs, the Division of Multilingual Learners has scaffolded units across content areas from the most commonly used core curricula in the NYC DOE. To view our units, visit our webpage.

Link to Scaffolded Core Curriculum Units

Instructional Resources for Newly Arrived ELLs, K-5

Focused on core curriculum, these instructional resources helps educators identify entry points and high-leverage practices to support and celebrate newly arrived English Language Learners. A short webinar is provided to help educators understand the contents within a curated folder of resources.

Link to Instructional Resources for Newly Arrived ELLs, K-5 (webinar)

Link to Instructional Resources for Newly Arrived ELLs, K-5 (resource folder)

Resources for Newly Arrived MLs and Immigrant Students

This document consolidates resources that support newly arrived multilingual learners/English language learners (MLs/ELLs) and immigrant students, including newcomer ELLs. It includes resources that schools can share with students and families when they first enroll in your school. 

Link to Resources for Newly Arrived Multilingual Learners and Immigrant Students

Building Cultural and Linguistic Equity for MLs/ELLs in the Mathematics Classroom

Culturally and linguistically responsive and sustaining education in mathematics is about receiving all students into the discipline and valuing students’ diverse language proficiencies, ancestries, and cultural backgrounds.  In this learning resource, teachers will unpack some of the recommended guidelines from the following principles present in the NYSED CR-SE Framework: Welcoming and Affirming Environment, Inclusive Curriculum and Assessment, and High Expectations and Rigorous Instruction.

Link to Building Cultural and Linguistic Equity for MLs/ELLs in the Mathematics Classroom

Professional Learning

The Division of Multilingual Learners is offering in-person and synchronous professional learning opportunities across content areas for teachers and administrators this school year. Additional sessions may be added periodically. For a comprehensive list of all of our sessions and the registration links, visit our webpage.

Link to Professional Learning

Instructional Leadership TOol for Mls/ELLs

Building strong and equitable school-wide literacy practices for diverse learners is an ongoing and continuous process. Using this tool, instructional leaders can engage in an analysis of school-wide systems, structures, and programs that are specific to serving their multilingual/English language learners (MLs and ELLs). Developing and strengthening an integrated multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS) that meets all the criteria listed in this tool requires a sustained commitment over time. Therefore, instructional leaders should use this tool to identify those anchor areas and features that are of highest priority.

Link to the Instructional Leadership Tool for Data-based Decision-making for MLs and ELLs

ML/ELL Educator modules

Our self-paced, asynchronous modules allow busy educators to strengthen their pedagogical practices that ensure academic and social-emotional success for our linguistically and culturally diverse learners.

Our instructional resources are reformatted into modules to better accommodate busy educators. These self-paced modules allow educators to progress at their own pace and are for professional growth only. CTLE hours for New York State are not provided.

These modules are grouped into three major "branches" of learning: Advanced Literacies, Culturally Responsive-Sustaining Education Framework, and Quality Education for MLs/ELLs. 

To access these modules, click on the any of the content areas in the navigation pane found at the top of this web page.

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