ELO's at CHS

Concord High School opens the door for students to PERSONALIZE their educational pathway!

Did you know that you can take charge of your learning, customize your path, add interest and variety to your education AND earn credits toward your CHS diploma? Extended Learning Opportunities, or ELO’s as they are called across NH, are on the rise in the public education setting as districts, parents and students express a desire for creative methods of preparing the next generation for the rapidly-changing future that they face after graduation. An ELO places a student in a “real-world” setting, and offers coaching and mentorship from both the school ELO Coordinator and a community partner to assist the student in gaining important technical, professional and personal skills. An ELO creates an environment for learning with access to levels of mastery and skill sets that may not be attainable within the traditional classroom. An ELO provides elective credits toward a diploma, but far more important than that, the ELO encourages personal growth, preparation and real-world experience for the next stage of a student’s life.

As the ELO Coordinator at CHS, I am very excited to get involved with all sorts of students. My role is to encourage and assist the students toward crafting their unique ELO, to facilitate the placements with businesses in the Concord area, and to ensure that the competencies are met within their experience. I work alongside the student to ensure that they are well supported as they explore the world outside of CHS and plan for their future.

ELO’s let students take action toward their hopes and dreams. We know that motivation and self-direction stem from genuine interest. The ELO is designed to capture this inner drive and propel the student forward as a unique individual. An Extended Learning Opportunity is an important first step toward the bright future that we wish for all of our students at Concord High. Please come by to talk and learn more!

Jessamyn Rockwell

ELO Coordinator

Office of College, Community & Career Opportunities

**NEW LOCATION! Between Main St. and Orange Carpet Area**

Listen as four NH students tell us about their ELO experiences.

Check out this ELO brochure for more info!