Here is a link to photos of the daily draWINGs (let me know if the link doesn't work).

Link to the Growth Mindset PDF to use for Home Room

Animator Dante Rinaldi's site which demonstrates "Exaggeration."

Caricature of Benedict Cumberbatch by Stan Prokopenko on YouTube -- incredibly gifted artist showing the basics of his methodology. You can buy access to his courses on this link.

Examples of Artists in Various Art-Related Industries

Nicola Scott's Life in Comics: From Adobe Create online magazine

• Edward Moller is the Art Teacher at Lincoln High School. This is his web page.

Examples of Artists whose work we experienced this school year (2018-2019)

• Manuel Molina created the "Birds Without Paradise" movement. This is a link to the videos and photos taken during the training VAPA Teachers received at the outset of the program.

Chris Ryniak is a master at drawing and sculpting cute monsters. Here is a link to a Google search for images of his work. And his Flickr page, with more. (I think Zyanya saved these images on cpu#29 in my lab).