(The link is only available to folks in the San Diego Unified School District).

I was blessed to be asked to help with the "I Am Hope Project" this past weekend. (December 15th) Click on the photo to the right (or this link) to the photos I took of the event, which as put on by Lamar LaCagñon, and hosted by CPMA and our Vice Principal, Derek Morris.

20 bicycles and several table-loads of toys were donated by the I Am Hope organization, the BIA (Building Industry Association)

An incredible event last night (September 23, 2018)

Hosted by the Design Consignment Gallery's owner, Stu Zuckerman, (father of our Artistic and Musically talented, Sydney). There is an incredible story that goes along with these two videos (spoiler alert: the second one spoils the whole story, but there are a whole series of synchronous moments that, strung together to make it all happen, (that I don't have enough room here to explain), the ramifications of which are life-changing for my budding career as an Art & Design Teacher at CPMA. The third video is from photos taken of Rocco's paintings that I found on YouTube.