Drawing Lesson Examples

• “Get Drawings” huge collection of drawings with a variety of styles. “Full-Body Woman Drawings,” is another page of various styles, but all women.

• “Cartoon Cool,” by Gary Hart -- an entire drawing book online (via LinkedIn). I will have to load this one on my iPad, as the screen is tall, and this LinkedIn SlideShare is in portrait mode.

• “How to Draw Comics,” by John Byrne (one of my all-time-favorite Comic Book Artists)

• James Buckmaster (via LinkedIn) SlideShare presentation on Cartooning

• “How To Draw Cartoons,” with Jim Blitz (I have a hard-copy of this one)

• Pinterest dedicates a multitude of links to learn cartooning using the construction method. (the link on the right goes to the same url.)

Pinterest Construction

Pinterest Learn to Draw Links