Links is the link to Outlook online for my SDUSD email is an online drawing/painting site

• Growth Mindset [YouTube video]

CPMA Bulletin (Google Sheets)

Free Clip Art to download for projects at school

PlusCodes are similar to zip codes and Geo Caching

• Online Vector Drawing, Logo Creator & Painting (similar to Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop)

• Corel Draw is a Free Graphics Program that enables users to edit raster and vector images (like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop). [Download] is a great resource for creating art to be used for murals, postcards, memes, etc. is an online, free, Photoshop-like app; better if you can afford the $9 a month for the premium version. is an app that autotraces raster images into vector format for placing into Adobe Illustrator and manipulating (needed for vinyl sticker processes). enables you to convert various video formats at school.

Convert various VECTOR formats from one to another (.CDR to .AI).

Convert various RASTER formats from one to another (..RAW to .jpg, or .png, etc.).

• The Art of Creating Digital Citizens (responsible digital citizens).

• This is the link for the Bio worksheet (also called, "infoSheet.")

• This links to a series of YouTube videos created for CPMA students.

• Google Slides for The Vocabulary of Visual Art .

• Critiquing Art is a difficult endeavor; though the topic is Photography, Ms. Tancredi-Baese, the Digital Photography Teacher at SCPA has this series of questions to respond to, for Critiquing Photos, which we will be altering slightly for our use.

Gravit Designer is an online vector illustration program, similar to Adobe Illustrator. It can be used as a substitute for Illustrator, but files need to be converted at both ends, into an SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) -- and I'm not certain it retains layers. I will continue to research it, and also to create similar videos as the ones for Illustrator. Click on this Tutorials link or the one at the top of the page to learn now. converts a picture to a PDF, DXF, AI or EPS vector drawing, enabling them to be resized without visual degradation.

• Free Vector Silhouettes to download and use for projects.

Brands of the World is the largest vector logo site I've ever seen. If you're looking for a logo, say, of the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles, you can download them from this site.

• Lesson Plan site for Art Teachers [The Art of ED]

• Massive Lesson Plan site for Art Education, Incredible@rt. (& a direct link to their Middle School Lessons)

The Photography, and Digital Art & Mixed Media teacher's website at SCPA, Ms. Tancredi-Baese.

• Nice blog about logo design. And a Google Search result for Cool Logos; and another search on Fingerprints; and one more on word/image-logos, and one more on cool fingerprint art projects.

• Amok Island (yes, that's his real name) mixes vivid graphic creatures with massive mural spaces the world over. His geometric renderings are deceptively complex while seemingly simple-looking. Here's a link to more murals from

Darryl Tank's eBook, "How to Draw Portraits with Realistic Skin" (and yes, I did order a copy).

Série-Golo creates large-format prints in playful cartoon designs for hospitals in France(?). Wouldn't it be cool to get a grant to purchase the large-format printer, laminator and adhesive-backing production equipment to make and sell these kinds of graphics? I wonder how much they all cost?

2048 is a crazy-addicting game the kids play in my Multimedia Design class.

Drawing for Storyboarding is a great reference site, that will also be useful for video shots. I got this link from a Google Search for "Cartoon Action Poses"

• Google Drive is going away? Is this only for the school connection, or ALL Google accounts (like the one I pay $9.99 a month for, via Check here, to download the new version (called, "Google Drive File Stream.)

• One of my students was looking at and I thought it looked interesteing, so I added it here.

Nitro-type is an acceptable game to play when you've finished your work in MMD.

Discounts for Teachers (sorry kids, teachers only).

photopea = PhotoShop online
Outlook Online

How to Draw Cartoons

etsy stickers
Scanner Download

convert raster image types