Teaching Art: Links and Resources

This is the site I created for the Temporary teaching position I did in the Spring of 2015, before I got hired at CPMA: http://grizzledesign.weebly.com/clipart.html the link goes to the page I made for the clip-art assignment, which, as I recall, was not well-received by the students at Mission Hills High School.

"How to Write an Effective Rubric for Your Art Students" (The Art of Ed, Added 2/26/2018)

• "A Creative Way to Combine Assessment and Artmaking" (The Art of Ed, Added 2/26/2018)

• Debi West has written many ARTicles for the Art of Ed; here is the direct link to many of them.

• This is the link to log into my Induction class.

• Great site showing the History of Design.