Teaching Art: Links and Resources

AirTable.com is a Visual Database that combines the best parts of Excel and a database; I signed up for a 14-day trial on Nov. 3, 2018e

What is the difference between Traditional Art and Digital Art? Does it matter which one is used to create?

PuppetMaster is an iPad App that allows anyone to make animated stories from drawings and even sculptural elements. Currently free (as of Oct. 30th, 2018)

Student Art Guide is a great resource for ideas to help High School Art students achieve excellence. I will be tapping into it for our Middle School students as well, to prepare them for high school.

YouTube video on How to use iMovie (24 minutes in length)

• I created GrizzleDesign for the Temporary teaching position I did in the Spring of 2015, before I got hired at CPMA: http://grizzledesign.weebly.com/clipart.html the link goes to the page I made for the clip-art assignment, which, as I recall, was not well-received by the students at Mission Hills High School.

https://pixlr.com/editor/ is a free raster image editor, similar to Adobe PhotoShop, and can be used online, when you're not at school.

https://vectr.com/ is a free vector image editor, similar to Adobe Illustrator, and, like pixlr, can be used at home, or wherever you have internet access. I haven't tried them on a SmartPhone or tablet yet, so I cannot vouch for whether or not they are viable on portable devices. Click this link to learn how to use Vectr.

• "A Creative Way to Combine Assessment and Artmaking" (The Art of Ed, Added 2/26/2018)

Creating a logo in Adobe Illustrator (step-by-step, written, with examples)

• Debi West has written many ARTicles for the Art of Ed; here is the direct link to many of them.

• This is the link to log into my Induction class.

• Great site showing the History of Design.

• Exaggeration in Animation [Google Search Results]

Coloring books are a source for Grid Drawings, and here's a whole site devoted to them.

• Collierville High School, Tennessee • Art Program •

• Google Search result for Molas of the islands off Panama (sample below)


Mola sample; the San Blas Islands of Panama