Link to the Mural Project: Gandhi • For Students to paint.

Welcome to our new class website for the Visual Art & Design program at the Creative Performing Media Arts Middle School, in San Diego, CA. Here's a link to my profile on the CPMA website.

If you took the survey and chose Visual Art for the 2018-2019 School year, please log in to your district account (either through Google Classroom or Google Drive) and click this link to let me know the specific Visual Arts class you prefer (Beginning Fine Art, Advanced Fine Art, Beginning Multimedia Design or Advanced Multimedia Design). Thank you.

The 2017-2018 school year promises to be an especially exciting one, as we enrolled so many students in our Fine Art and Multimedia Design courses that we had to drop out of "the Wheel" this year. This year's Visual Arts Wheel will be taught and managed by Mr. Max Swann, and we will be working with him to prepare next years' students for our program. Mr. Swann can be reached by clicking this link.

Due to chronic difficulties with Weebly this year, we will be migrating our class web presence to Google Sites (this site is built and maintained through Google Sites). All students in the Visual Arts program at CPMA will be managing their online portfolios through Google Sites. I will post a page where you can view all their sites. This will also serve as a forum where students can comment and critique one anothers' work, preparing them for future online courses.

To learn more about me, click this link to read my bio page on the CPMA website. For students from previous years, if you're still accessing the previous two years sites, click this link to access that site. Over the course of the next several months I will be phasing that site out, and all information will be accessible here.

If you know you're going to be missing class, due to an extended vacation with your family or other travel reasons, click on this link to download and print instructions for an assignment you can do, to make up the lost time in either your Multimedia Design or Drawing & Painting class. Remember: if you have more than one class, you must do four photojournalism assignments per week.

And, in case you're curious, here's the Countdown Timer Mr. Brezinski developed last year, for the last second of the school year 2017-2018

My Contact information is: • (858) 800-5500 x 803072 503

Art Show Images

600-page Sketchbook from