wishtree by Katherine Applegate

Pre-reading activities

1. Classroom wishtree activity for first week of school

2. Anticipation Survey (in TT duotang)

3. Tea Party

4. Book Trailer

While reading try these...

1. Response to quotes (in TT duotang)

2. "Say Something" strategy

- improve comprehension by making predictions, asking questions and making connections

3. Sketchnoting

- keep those brains thinking while listening to the book being read aloud

- experiment with and develop visual note-taking skills

4. "What Makes You Say That?" strategy

- back up opinions with evidence

5. wishtree website

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(accessible by RTMS students only when logged into rtms.ca account)

Title & poem

Ch 1-5

Ch 6-10

Ch 11-15

Ch 16-20

Ch 21-25

Ch 26-30

Ch 31-35

Ch 36-40

Ch 41-45

Ch 46-51