Chapter 9

A forest elephant that had torn his trunk while freeing himself from a trap was in too much pain to feed himself. So he walked right up to an African savanna elephant in Kenya's Masai Mara National Reserve and put his trunk in the other elephant's mouth. The African elephant understood: he immediately ripped up an acacia tree and fed it to his new acquaintance.

Pre-reading discussion:

1. Have you ever told someone close to you something really important only to have them not understand (like Nina at the end of Chapter 8)? What did you do? How did it affect your relationship going forward?

2. Have you ever had to ask a stranger for help with something really important (take a look at the above quote)? Was the person as responsive as the African elephant?

3. Thinking back to the choices Jack has made so far in the book (i.e. not going to the police), would you have made the same choices? What would you do the same or differently?

Ben and Bill's Chocolate Emporium

Lobster Ice Cream!

Geddy's Bar

Post-reading discussion:

1. Why did Jack need the elephant he stole from Sherman's book store?

2. How do you think Jack is going to feel about the fact that he stole the elephant? Will he think it was worth it?