Counting by 7s by Holly Goldberg Sloan

Pre-Reading Activities


Chalk Talk

What is Guided Reading? (Thompson Time duotang insert)

Fall Activities

Circle of Viewpoints

Connecting Counting by 7s to Inquiry

- the yellow "Inquiry Topic Brainstorming" worksheet is used with this lesson. It was copied and given to all homeroom teachers but there is also a link within the PPpoint)

Note-taking strategies

Winter Activities

The Inside Story

What Makes You Say That?


- watch this variation on sketchnotes!

Spring Activities

This activity will help you reflect about the novel. There is also a bunch of good discussion questions from in the Visual Guide about the final chapters that will encourage reflection.


Visual Guide

Use the Chapter Visual Guides as you begin reading.

There are discussion questions, images and videos that support the text to provide context for students.