Hi everyone, I wish all of you a great summer break and all the best in your adventures. Say HELLO to summer and have fun at home doing things together or enjoy your yard, and find time to be outdoors: playing sports, swimming at the pool, running through the water sprinkler, playing, reading, and drawing, are all things we can enjoy. Stay healthy and strong!

Also it is bitter sweet that I have made the decision to leave Morris School as of June 30th, 2020. I want all of you to know that I am so thankful in all the experiences I have had here. You have embraced me with open arms. As many of you know the field of education and my career being a teacher has always led me to trying new things and meeting new people, so I am off again doing just that.

I'm sure I will see you soon.

Mrs. Fisher

Ways to contact:


204.746.2612 Ext 3230 Leave a message

Hi everyone, some of the guidance programs that I have been using will be focused on the following pages. While we are working from home, many of the strategies I teach at school, can be used at home. I encourage everyone to develop a MindUp Core Practice and follow the WITS program strategies as we continue learning from home. I have also included the Kimochis lessons as well.

Each K-6 grade has a guidance google classroom and I have invited your child to the classroom. Activities, read alouds, and videos are posted, which you can preview at any time. If your child isn't part of this guidance classroom and you want them to be, just email me and I will invite them to their grade level guidance google classroom.

Marylyn Fisher/ Guidance K-6