Students are also registered for a 3 hour day. All students will take Literature, Writing, and Art. Additional information about these three courses can be found under the elementary dropdown menu.

Middle School and High School:

Students are registered for one or more individual tutorials. Students must be enrolled in a course to remain on campus.

Age Guidelines


  • Grade 1-2: (Minimum age: 6 by September 1)

  • Grade 3-4: (Minimum age: 8 by September 1)

  • Grade 5-6: (Minimum age: 10 by September 1)

Middle School:

  • Grades 7-8: (Minimum age: 12 by January 1)

High School:

  • Grades 9-12: (Minimum age: 14 by January 1)

Tutorials offered in the Providence program are designed to supplement, not replace, the home-education experience. Providence middle school and high school tutors assign and grade the student's work for their tutorial and submit these grades to the parent. The parent as the home educator oversees the student's work at home and as the home school administrator is responsible for assigning the student’s final grades and credits.

Financial Policy

Our non-refundable registration fee is $35 per family. This fee is required to be paid at the time a student is registered to secure the student's spot.

Enrollment in Providence Tutorials is for the entire year, and as such is a financial commitment by the Parent(s) to pay the full tuition. Each family will receive an invoice for their tuition and materials fees. Tuition and fees can be paid in one of the two following ways:

Option 1 - Tuition and fees for the entire academic year can be paid in full on the first day of Providence.

Option 2 - On the first day of Providence, 25% of tuition plus all materials and lab fees are to be paid. The remaining tuition balance may be divided into four monthly payments due October, November, December, and January.

A voluntary withdrawal from a tutorial can be made up until the second week of classes. Voluntary withdrawal of a student from a tutorial after the second week of class does not release the Parent(s) from their obligation to pay all tuition for that tutorial for the entire year.

Academic Policy

If your child requires any accommodations to traditional teaching styles, this must be requested in writing and approved by Providence prior to enrollment. Please email us with your request at providencetutorials@gmail.com.