Elementary Art

Grades: 1st - 6th

Tutor: Aleksandra Padua

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to share the love of art with your child. Since we are created in the image of God, the ultimate artist, we all possess an innate need and an ability to create. For this reason, the goal for the class is to stir your child's imagination and to give him or her an opportunity to create while enjoying the process. The students will look for inspiration in nature, in the art of the Masters, and in the beauty around us. While they learn about the basics of art education, e.g., the visual elements and the principles of design, they will experience different media, e.g., painting, printing, sculpture, drawing, cutouts, and more. The supplies will be provided, so all the children need to bring to class is a willingness to participate, to enjoy art, and to encourage their classmates.