PGP Search Engine

This PGP Index spreadsheet is a snapshot of everything that was uploaded to PGP through the original upload form as of April 2020. Over 90% of these files were added during the summer of 2018 when we salvaged what we could from the old Wikispaces site which served us well for 11 years.

Your best bet to find what you need is to use Excel's filter feature. In order for the hyperlinked files to open, you must be logged into the PGP google e-mail address we have "on file".

Something has gone wrong with the CID numbers that were generated generated when the files were orginally uploaded. No files were lost, but this has broken the google spreadsheets I had on the PGP site. For the time being, please accept this as a way to search the content of the site.

You can of course, also search for files directly through google drive.

I hope to fix the issue at some point, but it's on my backburner for now. Thank you for your patience.

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You might find it helpful to download this file and search using Excel's filter feature. You might also just search the page using control + f.

PGP Index 2020_04_29.xlsx

The PGP Search Engine is a Google Web App (essentially an interactive web page) that I've developed to make searching the many files and links that have been migrated from the old PGP Wikispaces site or have been added since then. You may make new contributions here. There are many fields that can be used to search the PGP catalogue and to filter those results further after they have loaded.

Click here to open the PGP Search Engine in a new window:

Please see the video below to learn about the PGP Search Engine

How to:

  1. Load the PGP Search Engine
  2. Editing or Creating a Search
  3. Filtering Results
  4. Showing Secure Results
  5. Showing or Hiding Information
  6. Saving Search Results

  • The interactive features above may not work in older browsers such as internet explorer.
  • The layout, fields, and features will evolve over time, but the search engine should continue to work more or less the same way.