PGP Google Group

A PrettyGoodPhysics Google Group is used to allow folks to upload and share files and also to grant access to private files. All postings to the PrettyGoodPhysics group can be viewed at the link below. Only members of the site are able to see postings, while logged into the google account they signed up with.

While Logged into the google account you would like to use, please request to join the PGP google group at!forum/thegroup

In your request, be sure to include

  1. The google e-mail address you would like to use.

  2. Your school e-mail address.

  3. A link to a school website showing are a teacher.

Be prepared for a follow up e-mail at your school address, where more information will be requested for proof of being a teacher.

Please be patient. This site is run by a small number of volunteers.

Some Challenges:

As we start out on this new website, most folks appear able to join the group and access materials. Some face challenges due to one of the following issues:

  1. attempting to use a non-google email to join google groups.

  2. signed up w school account & their school (not all do) blocks membership to google groups

  3. safari & microsoft browsers are trouble

  4. user accounts - being signed in to different accounts on different tabs. Most browsers do not like users signing in as different users in different tabs within the same browser window / account. example: if I am signed in as plulai at on a work email account in one tab, then try to access PGP google group in another tab using my account... things don't work very well. the browser appears to have issues figuring out which user is trying to gain access to the google group.

These problems, while frustrating, have solutions.

Issue 1 can be resolved by linking your non-gmail account to google.

Issue 2 can be resolved by emailing us with the address from which you received this invitation & including a gmail address to join the group.

Issue 3 can be resolved by using Firefox, Opera, or Chrome browsers.

Issue 4 can be resolved by creating different browser user accounts as shown below.

For Chrome:

For FireFox:

For Opera:

For Safari, Edge, & Explorer - simply avoid these browsers.