IB Physics

Finding IB Physics Content:

For the time being, all submitted IB Content should show up in the google spreadsheet below. If there is sufficient content we will add sub pages similar to the AP courses. Please respect the secure materials in the same way you would respect the secure AP Physics materials. If more IB specific content area names are needed please let us know.

IB - All - Public

To View the Secure Files linked below:

What Works:

  • You MUST be signed in to the PrettyGoodPhysics Google Group (PGP GG). This is how we ensure students do not see assignments, and solutions.
  • To join the PGP GG, please go to the PGP GG page linked on the toolbar, and join the group.

What Does NOT Work:

  • Clicking on the link to [Request Access] the file or folder. Those requests are ignored.

What Everyone Has & Must Continue to Agree to:

  • Keep these files away from any student accessible website. Posting them to student accessible sites:
    • violates the College Board copyright agreement
    • makes all of the other AP Physics teachers in the world dislike you. Really. Not joking.

Editing Files:

If you would like to download a file and make changes, select the file, the choose [make a copy] for yourself, and edit the file to suit your needs.

IB - All - Secure