PPS Instructional framework

This site will house materials related to the development and implementation of our PPS Instructional Framework, including an overview of the development process and participants, communication archive, catalog of input collected, iterative drafts of the framework components, and emerging tools and resources.

Development of the PPS instructional framework began in Spring of 2022 and the first version of the framework was launched in Summer of 2022 with the first year of implementation during the 2022-23 school year.

We are excited to share that we have compiled our first version of the instructional framework! We've embedded the current version of the framework below.

We truly appreciate the 100+ members of our Advisory Group and 100+ other stakeholders that provided input during the Spring of 2022, including students, teachers, building leaders, other school staff, central office staff, and community partners. You can view this document to see the changes made based on input during the week of May 23rd, which included discussions with our Advisory Group, Design Team, PAT Leadership, and PAPSA Leaders.

Our PPS Forward Together Strategic Plan names the development of an integrated instructional framework as a key strategic outcome within the theme of inclusive and differentiated learning for every child.

We collaborated to answer the question “what does highly effective teaching and learning look like in PPS”?

The framework establishes and defines the core elements of standards-aligned instruction we commit to providing all students. The collaboratively developed framework aligns us on common language and guide decisions and discussions at the central office, school, and classroom levels as we plan professional learning opportunities.

The Instructional Framework:

  • Provides a consistent, district-wide vision for teaching and learning that will allow all district stakeholders to align actions and resources to ensure equity of access to high-quality instruction across schools, classrooms, and student demographics.

  • Identifies a series of components and supporting indicators that every PPS student should experience in order to achieve the Graduate Portrait.

PPS Vision

Here is a document that shares the vision that we are striving to attain at PPS.

PPS Mission Statement

We provide rigorous, high quality academic learning experiences that are inclusive and joyful. We disrupt racial inequities to create vibrant environments for every student to demonstrate excellence. (July 2021)

PPS Strategic Plan Overview

Here is a document that shares the overview of PPS strategic plan for 2021-2025.

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